Love In Dachau: Part 2

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Part 2 of "Love In Dachau". Picture by title was taken by Elizaveta Porodin.

Submitted: July 20, 2011

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Submitted: July 20, 2011



Sara woke up with a sore cheek. The room was pitch black, and she felt around her to try to figure out where she was. The floor was concrete beneath her. It was hard against her body. She felt sore, as if she had been thrown around.

A door opened up then, and light came tumbling through. “Wakey, wakey,” Called a guard. His voice was deep and angry. Sara’s eyes hurt against the bright outside light. She looked up and saw a silhouette coming towards her, the sunlight making it impossible for her to make out features. The guard grabbed her arm and pulled her up, making Sara stumble.

She was still exhausted, and didn’t have the mind to try and pull away. For now, she thought, I will listen. But later I will tell them exactly what I think.

The guard was a burly heavy-set man. Once he’d taken her outside, she could see that he was probably in his lower fourties. He had a moustache that wrapped around his mouth to form a beard. His eyes were pitch black, and she wondered if he had any regard for humanity at all anymore. He had frown lines, which made her worry.

“You’re going straight to roll call,” The burly man grunted. Sara didn’t understand what he meant. Yet she was distracted to find that she had been placed in plain gray dress with a yellow badge on her chest. She decided not to think about who had changed her.

She looked ahead to notice a large amount of people standing in straight lines. A guard walked among them, shouting at some and murmuring at others. The guard stuck Sara on the end of one of these lines. Yet almost as soon as he had, everyone dispersed.

“Off to work!” The guard that had been patrolling the lines yelled at them. That guard then noticed the guard that was man handling Sara. He narrowed his eyes. “That’s the prisoner Milo wanted to deal with specifically,” He told the guard. “Take her to him immediately.” The guard nodded, and Sara suddenly felt more awake. She began to struggle against his hold and he slapped her hard. A few of the prisoners turned and looked, but quickly turned away. They all refused to look at her, and Sara was furious. Didn’t they want to try to help her at all?

The guard walked Sara past several tiny shacks. She could smell the stench of the inside of them just from sniffing the air around them. She held her breath past as many as she could. Eventually they reached a somewhat nice building. It was heaven in comparison to the little shacks.

The guard opened the door and tossed her in. Sara let out a loose breath and she tumbled onto the floor. Every sore she had only worsened. She began to get up and reach for the door handle, hoping it was unlocked. She found it locked.

What would you have done anyways? She asked herself. It’s not like you could make it out of the camp.

She turned to find a man sitting at a desk, staring at her with a slight grin. He looked familiar. Dark waves, light blue eyes…

It was Milo.

She was immediately infuriated. He had brought her here. “You!” She yelled accusingly.

“You should be a little more grateful,” He said, standing up from the desk. “I did save your life.” She stomped towards him.

“I wish you would have left me there to die in the fire!” She declared. He smiled a little.

“I suppose I meant that I saved your life twice,” He said, giving her a little grin. “I could have sent you straight to the gas chambers. You are weak and really of no use to me.” He cocked his head at her, his light blue eyes lighting up. “Though I could always use some entertainment.”

Sara’s eyes were narrowed, furious. She pushed his chest, which was much harder than it looked. He laughed. “I’m not weak, you bastard,” She spat. He raised his eyebrows.

“That’s not what the man who did your physical exam said,” He said. “Had I not been there to save you, you would have been sent straight to the gas chambers in your condition.”

“You should have sent me,” She said. She looked at him then, suddenly feeling strange. “Why didn’t you?”

Milo wasn’t sure how to respond. He thought first to be as snarky as possible. Yet he was staring at her, wondering himself why he had not let it be done. It would have been, if he had been a lower level guard. Yet he was just below the head haunch here. The owner of this camp, excluding Hitler, was never around anymore. Milo made all of the calls with him gone.

“I don’t have to answer to you,” He finally said. She laughed, but it wasn’t a true one. It was strangled, anger, and perhaps a little inhuman. She sounded like an animal, and for some reason, Milo didn’t like that at all. When it came to most Jews, the further down you could reduce them the better. “But you do have to answer to me,” He said suddenly. “Tell me your name.” He demanded. She fluttered her eyelashes.

“Well aren’t you the gentleman,” She said in a flat voice. Milo smiled, finding her almost endearing. “You don’t ask, do you? Only demand.” She took a step away from him, increasing the gap.

“Fine. What’s your name?” He asked, using as much sarcasm as possible.

“That’s none of your business,” She snapped. He smiled.

“It is, actually,” He said, moving closer. She noticed and took another step away. “Everything that goes on here is my business. I have to file all of the names and ages to keep track, now don’t I?”

“As if anyone’s name here matters to you,” She said, so angry she could cry. “You lock away thousands of people. And why? Because they’re different than you.”

“It’s not me, personally,” He said nonchalantly. He looked out the window for a moment, making sure everyone was working, before turning back to her. She stared at him, incredulous.

“You are…” She shook her head. She walked to the door. “Unlock it. I’d rather die than spend another moment with the likes of you.” He walked towards her.

“Why? I thought my personality was quite charming,” He said. Sara said nothing, only stared. His light blue eyes peered back. “You’re certainly in no condition to work out there. Not yet.”

“Says you,” She sneered. “I’ll prove you wrong.”

Milo could not be any more surprised. Sure he knew that she was strong-willed, but certainly not this much. He knew he really shouldn’t worry about her. She was just a Jew. So he’d let her go out, but he’d keep an eye on her.

“Fine,” He said. “But first you tell me your name. And don’t give me a fake name. I was trained to spot a lie from a mile away.” He watched her carefully, to see her next move. Her cherry red lips pursed.

“Sara,” She said. He was surprised she gave it up so fast. “But I suppose to you I’m just a file.” He sort of half nodded, unsure. He was pretty sure she was telling the truth, but he couldn’t be sure. He went to his desk and grabbed the phone. He used the ring to dial the number.

“Agid, we have a new prisoner. Come and get her,” He said. He hung up the phone and got the key from his desk drawer. He walked past Sara and unlocked the door. Agid was there almost immediately. Milo pushed her forward a little.

“What should we do with her, sir?” Agid asked. Sara was looking at Milo with blank eyes. He looked at Sara, and then back and Agid.

“She’ll be staying in cabin 8. Send her to work on the buildings,” He said. Agid smiled.

“Cabin 8, hmm?” He said with a smile. “And here I thought you were going to go soft on her.” Milo didn’t reply. He looked at Sara once more, wondering if this was the last time he would be seeing her. Sara looked away, and suddenly Milo was completely frustrated with her. He thought for a moment of starving her for today, but decided against it. He decided he wanted to see her again, no matter how much she hated him.

He also decided he didn’t want to send her to cabin 8 and to work on the buildings. He wanted her to stay there with him, safe. But he couldn’t take it back. Besides, the rest of the guards really thought he had gone soft for a Jew.

And that he couldn’t let happen.

Sara felt like she was crumbling. She knew how to work hard, that wasn’t the problem. She used to have ballet ten hours a day.

Ballet. Her heart constricted. She missed ballet like mad. That was the one thing in her life that was always constant. It was pricey, though. The lessons were definitely taking a toll on the family’s money. Not to mention the ballet shoes she constantly burned through. But her parents had supported her in this path. Then her father had been taken from them a few months ago while he was out of town. The Nazis invaded the town he was staying in and took him. She had had to quit lessons. Her father had made almost all of the money. He had been paid very well, which was the only thing that had funded her ballet. What she wouldn’t kill for a few hours on a hardwood floor with a new pair of ballet shoes. Not to mention her father back. Or her mother.

She felt a hard smack on her head. “Get back to work!” Yelled a guard. Sara snapped back to reality. She carried a heavy brick over to the man that was gluing down the bricks. She was forced to help create a new house, so that they could fit even more prisoners inside. It made her sick.

And what the hell is cabin 8? She wondered.

She wondered how long she had worked when they finally stopped them. They had dinner, a small bowl of some type of mush and a stale piece of bread. Then came roll call. When they called her name, she didn’t respond. Besides, they didn’t have her last name. It could be any Sara.

“Sara,” The guard called again. He glared at all of the prisoners. He scanned the rows and spotted her. “Just shoot her,” He said. “She’s been too much trouble.” The guard grabbed the woman next to Sara, mistaking it for her, and she shrieked. Sara started running. She wondered how he had known it was her, but decided she must have earned quite the reputation. There was a fence about forty feet away. If she could reach it and climb over, she could…

What? What could she do?

Sara decided to worry about this later.

She heard gunshots. One whizzed past her and she began to run faster. Her legs felt like jelly. Three guards caught up to her, grabbing her wherever they could. One had her arm, the next had part of her leg, and the third had a hard grip on her shoulder.

They dragged her kicking and screaming back to the roll call. The prisoners again refused to look at her. The guard that had been doing roll call took his gun and placed it facing the exact location where her heart beat rapidly.

“What the hell is going on out here?” Milo’s voice seemed to echo in her ears. She turned and saw him, squinting against the evening sun. The guard seemed to lower his gun a little.

“Just getting rid of this pain in the ass. She’s not worth the trouble, Milo,” He said. He turned back to her. Sara closed her eyes, bracing for the blow. She heard a gunshot then, but she felt no pain. Is this what a gunshot really feels like? She asked herself. Because it’s really not bad. Not bad at all.

She opened her eyes, expecting to be in either heaven or hell. She realized she was not dead, so she must have winded up in hell.

Milo’s face was red. “I’ll give you the orders, Sito!” He shouted at the guard. Sito lie on the ground, looking angry.

“Sir,” Agid suddenly spoke, and Sara wondered where he had gone from. “Come on. I understand the Jew is good-looking. But that’s no reason not to get rid of her. She’s just part of the same filthy breed as the rest of ‘em.”

Milo gave him a glare. “Get back to work,” He said. “And keep an eye on the rest of them in case they get any ideas,” He looked over at me, still held back by three men. “Throw her in my office. I’ll take care of her.” They began to push me towards the nicer looking building. I struggled as they did. Milo walked ahead of us, his back hunched.

“Milo!” Sito yelled. I turned and saw him still on the ground. His face was bright red. “The rumors are right. You’re going soft!” He paused. “For Jews!”

Milo seemed to go rigid as he finished his walk to the office. I was thrown in, as usual. He turned to me.

“Are you crazy?” He shouted. “Are you trying to get killed?”

“Yes,” She replied simply. Milo suddenly pulled out a small gun from his pocket. He raised it and Sara was honestly surprised. But as he lifted it, he lifted it further than her. He didn’t stop until the gun was aimed at the ceiling.

Then, he pulled the trigger. Sara looked at him, confused. The sound of the gunshot reverberated around the room. She heard cheers outside, and realized what he had done.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“Sara,” He said. He was testing the name out, getting a feel for it. “I don’t know.” He paused and gazed into her eyes. “I don’t know.”

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