My American Idiot

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

When pure suburban kid, Jos, moves to the city for his dream job of working for the government, he is forced to spy on a teenage gang and join undercover. But when the one person he is sent to find and turn in turns out to be the love of his life, everything changes.

Jimmy, an abandoned and warped teenager, lives with her brother Christan and best friend Whatsername in the city, making a name for themselves by rebeling against The Facility, a government group with a soul purpose of splitting up their gang, the only family they know. But when Whatsername falls for a new guy from Suburbia and he falls for Jimmy, Jimmy finds herself caught in the middle of a love triangle, even when she doesn't even believe in love.

What will Jimmy do?
How far will Whatsername go for love?
Is Jos rebel or a tratior?
Find out in American Idiot.

Act one, Scene One


(Curtains draw and lights rise to a dim glow revealing a city at sunset. 11 teenage girls (The Disciples of St.Jimmy) are scattered on the corner of Shame Street and East 12th Street. D1 looks around before calling out)
D1: Sing us the song of the Century
D2: Louder than bombs and eternity
D3: Era of static and contraband
D4: Leading into the Promised Land
D5: Tell us a story that’s by candlelight
D6: Waging a war and losing the fight
D7: Sing us a song of the century
D8: Panic and promise and prosperity
D9: Tell us a story into that goodnight
D10: Sing us a song for me
(All girls look around before pulling up their hoods, covering their faces, becoming The D1-10)
D11: Clear!
(A girl in her early twenties enters walking from Stage Right. This is Whatsername.)
W: All rise and be silent for St.Jimmy.
(A character walks onstage from SR, dressed in a floor length black leather trench coat. They have a ski mask on and all you can see are their eyes and mouth. On top of their head is a crooked Pope’s hat in black and red. This is St.Jimmy. The disciples all bow then stand in a semi circle around St.Jimmy (Sj) and Whatsername (W). Christian (C) follows them onstage, but stands off to one side, away from the group.)
*Exited improv chatter from the D’s*
(Sj snaps and they all get silent.)
W: Does anyone have any new news or plans for the utter destruction of The Facility?
(D’s shake their heads then talk in pantomime to each other, Sj stays quiet, and if they need to speak they do so through W. Enter Cop 1 SL (stage left). He starts to walk downstage but notices the disciples and talks into his radio. Enter Cop 2 SR. C yells and D1-5 run away SL, knocking down Cop 1. D6-10 flee SR but Cop 2 gets out of the way. C and W start to pull Sj SL and D11 starts to follow, but is shot in the chest by Cop 2. Sj tries to help.)
W: No we have to go, now! (Pulls Sj)
W: C’mon! (Sj reaches out, W spins to face Sj)
W: She’s Dead! There’s nothing you can do! (Defeated, Sj gets pulled offstage left.)
Cop 1: (Sighs and pulls back D11’s hood) She looks like she’s only twelve.
Cop 2: “St.Jimmy” is more of a beast than a Saint.
Cop 1: He deserves to die.
(Both Cops tend to D11 while curtains close and lights fade)

Submitted: April 01, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Bouton de Rose. All rights reserved.

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I, personallly, love it! I love alot of Green Day sorta things. :)

Thu, August 11th, 2011 3:50pm

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