Pitch Black Nights and Aided Epiphanies

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I'm so grateful that I met this man. This is a poem about the summer we met

Submitted: July 05, 2012

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Submitted: July 05, 2012



There’s always one person who comes into your life
To teach you a lesson you couldn’t learn alone
I learned beauty and love
At a time when I needed it most
My trust demolished, my body destroyed, my heart almost ruined beyond repair

It was August
I was happy for the moment
I just finished doing something I loved
The one thing I still had left when my world crumbled
My sport
He was 5’10, biceps bigger than my head
Godly skin, teeth as white as Chiclet gum
And had what I eventually learned, a heart of gold
From dusk till pitch black skies barely lit by moonlight
We spoke for what felt like all night

We spoke of the love for our sport, school, and life itself
In those hours we spent
I’d do it all over again any day
Because soon he’d be gone
I was always warned of bad people
Like rapists, killers, muggers, and kidnappers
But that all went out the window because
There he was
Sitting next to me
Laughing at my jokes
Being totally interested in me
And there I was
Sitting next to someone who was beyond gorgeous
Totally dumbfounded as to why
He’d spend any time with someone like me
And it was right there he showed me love and increased my self worth

He helped me learn
There’s meaning to my words
Happiness in everything
Some guys do show respect
And it is possible to be attracted and interested
In one’s intellect
August 12th was a once a blue moon opportunity
With higher chances of occurrence than he and me

And although we both moved on with our lives
I’ll never forget what he helped me realize
I learned, and now I live
All thanks to the lesson
Only he could give.

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