Smallville: Season 7 remake

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Its my remake for the season 7 of Small ville from where we stopped in season 6.

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



Episode 1- Bizzaro


Clark collapsed in the island near Lex's house, and hided behind a tree from Bizzaro, he was taking his breaths his last ones before he attacks him, then Bizzaro came looking all over for him "Clark…" he shouted but he couldn't continue when he saw a tree coming throw him, he felt kind of strange weakness in his body but he cut the tree into two. He attacked Clark and threw him about 7 meters away destroying 3 trees while he flew away. But Clark managed to run, escaping from him. Bizzaro ran to be right in front of Clark, but Clark used his super-strength power and threw him up in the sky, but Bizzaro flew away.


At Lex's house, Chloe was unconscious on a rock and Lois was shouting for help, then a large piece of the roof fell in front of Lois making them both stuck "HELP! Somebody! Please..."she shouted with all her voice. Then someone came and threw some rocks away, it was Clark, then Lois:" Small Ville?!"  " Lois what are you doing here, and what happened with Chloe?" he said with painful voice " Small Ville, get us out of here and then you can talk, come on.." he removed the rest of the rocks, held Chloe while Lois walked with them.


At the hospital, Lois and Clark were waiting for the surgeons to finish their work on Chloe, then Clark asked Lois:" What happened back their, why was Chloe unconscious?" "The last thing I can remember is taking out a knife stuck 2 inches in my stomach, I managed to call Chloe, then I walked up, I found her unconscious while I stood up with my stomach healed…" Clark was surprised. In the surgery room, doctors announced Chloe's death, when Clark asked the nurse out in the office she refused to say anything unless Lois is here, while Lois went to another room for taking an echo of her stomach, then Clark entered the surgery room, he found someone else: " Where's Chloe?" a doctor replied:" I'm sorry.. She couldn't make it..." Clark walked away, all he could think of, is what do next?, he couldn't believe, he always thought he will die before her even if he was a kryptonian he would die before her, he used his super-hearing to listen to anything she might left then he heard someone screaming: "HELP!!". He sped to the source of the voice, it was in the morgue. He knew it was Chloe, he grabbed her from the fridge she was in an iron like-tomb; she moved up, Clark also couldn't believe his eyes: "Chloe, you're alive?" "But I wasn't" "Yes you weren't alive" he smiled.


After the huge flood at Lex's castle, the car he was in was missing, rocks were everywhere, but two persons dressed in a black suit with about six men, searching all the place, between the rocks, then three divers got out of the sea and one of them said: "Found him…"


At The Daily Planet, Chloe was using her satellite with Clark, then Lois entered and said:" Chloe, oh my god, I can't believe it! What happened to you?!" "I really don't know.. I woke up in the ER!" she replied as she smiled looking at Clark. "So what are you looking for?" "Nothing…" Clark immediately replied " okay, Small Ville, calm down!" she said. Then she left The Planet  and went to Chloe's apartment to sleep, when she entered the door was knocked, when she opened the door it was Bizzaro, but for her shock she didn't know, "  Small Ville, what are you doing here?" he didn't replied, he grabbed her from her neck and said:" Where is he?" " Who are you talking about, leave me, you're hurting me!" he used his super-speed and got away, then she called Chloe and said while she was about to cry:" Cl-ar-k attacked me..." "What, Lois, Lois are you still there, hello, hello?!?!" but Lois didn't reply. Chloe looked at Clark but didn't say a thing, then Clark said "Oh my God! He hurted her!" but then he sped away. Bizzaro was in Lex's destroyed castle, where the green kryptonite is, "You..." Clark shouted with full anger and attacked Bizzaro, but Bizzaro was waiting for him to attack and kicked with his foot and Clark was thrown to the wall, but Clark didn't care he attacked him again with a hit that made Bizzaro fly away, but Bizzaro sped to him and kicked him on his face, then Clark threw him up that made the roof crash. But Bizzaro managed to escape. Clark sped up to reach Chloe's apartment to check on Lois, but he was welcomed with a punch on his face "Small Ville, you're totally out of line!" "Lois calm down, it wasn't me?" "Who was it then?" "I-I..." but Chloe interrupted them, saving Clark from Lois and said "It was Lex he cloned Clark by a kryptonian…" "What?! Why Clark?!" Lois replied "Because, I don't know Lois you can ask him by yourself!". Lois then left the apartment and told Chloe to follow her but Chloe replied that she is going to talk to Clark for a second and then she'll follow her. "Sunlight… it’s the only thing that could destroy Bizzaro, he is very weak in sunlight." "Sunlight that’s easy but how could I fin him now…" he said "Done!! I already found him for you!"


He headed toward the location of Bizzaro, but for Clark surprise he knew he was coming, it was somewhere underground, both start fighting, till they both attacked each other, one from each side, they both ran toward each other with their power, then their power made a huge explosion, then Clark hit him on his face upward that made him fly to the ground and Clark followed him, Bizzaro was very weakened because of the sunlight, then Clark started hitting with his pair hands, but it was useless Bizzaro was only weakened, he can't kill him. But then someone came from behind and stabbed Bizzaro with a Kryptonian knife, which destroyed Bizzaro, but Clark didn't managed to see who stabbed Bizzaro.


At Lex's LuthorCrop, somewhere in a secret room, laid Lex on a bed with about 3 devices connected to him, next to him sat a women dressed in black, as she said: "Hold tight with life…" then man dressed in a doctor costume said " Miss Lang would you please step outside we need to observe him.." she walked outside the room and whispered in the doctor's ear "It's Mrs. Luthor for you!" and she walked away.


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