Project W - Chapter One

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: War and Military  |  House: Booksie Classic

Army Rangers are not trained to encounter other species... This is my first official short story XP, please enjoy.

Chapter One: Fort Hood
Fort Hood was located in Texas, between Austin, the forth largest city in the state, and Waco.The three hundred and forty square mile installation was not only home to several divisions and brigades with nearly 65,000 soldiers; it was also the only post in the states that was capable of supporting two full armored divisions.It was 15th June, 2007, that all of this happened.
The summer air of Texas was unusually hot and the fans, churning at full power, did not help one bit.Army Sergeant First Class Kelvin, with a payment of 2982.30 bucks a year, was doing weekend duty in the kitchen in one of the canteens of Fort Hood, washing piles and piles of filthy, dirty dishes.
Kelvin was 27, single, with strong body features and a face that could dazzle a girl anywhere, anytime.He had been in the army for 7 years and had recently returned from Iraq after an injury and had to receive medical surgery. A grenade had exploded a few meters from him and fragmentations got stuck in his body.He could not believe that after years of service in the army, the treatment they gave him was to wash dishes in the kitchen.
Beside him was a smaller figure, also strongly built with a stony, hard face.This person was the short-tempered Sergeant Justin and he happened to be Kelvin’s best buddy.Justin had served in the army for four years and had returned from Iraq a few weeks before Kelvin. He tripped over a rock and twisted his ankle while escaping from a tank.He immediately became an easy target for the Iraqis and a bullet fired from an AK-47[1] got stuck in his butt, leaving a 7.62 mm hole.The two of them were cursing their Lieutenant for not letting them have R&R[2], when Lieutenant Copley walked into the kitchen.
“You don’t need to salute to a guy you hate, gentlemen,” said the Lieutenant coldly.
Kelvin and Justin stared at each other, gulping.
“Although you two idiots have insulted me, I will ignore them.You are excused from weekend duty and will report to me at 1600[3] in my office.”
“Yes sir!”
As Lieutenant Copley strolled off, Kelvin threw the plate he was washing into the sink, while Justin ripped off the oil-stained apron he was wearing.Kelvin said,
“What you think he wants to see us for?”
“Dunno, maybe he found out that I put beetles in his coffee yesterday.
“You what??!!”
“They were only small ones.”
At 1600, the two Sergeants knocked at the door of Lieutenant Copley’s office.
“Gentlemen, you may come in.”
The two Sergeants walked into a stifle room with a bunk, three chairs, a bookshelf, a desk and a computer old enough to be your Dad.Lieutenant Copley was sitting in the chair behind the desk with his foot on top of it.He had a copy of the latest MAD[4] in his hand.He waved them to take a sit before he began.
“I think you are wondering why I summoned you to me, instead of letting you two continue with your “weekend duties”.”
“Because we are the best for a special mission?” asked Justin.
“Because you two are the worst and it will not be a loss to us if you die.”
Kelvin and Justin looked at each other; both their brains sensed something is not quite right.
“You two will lead a few other men I have picked for a mission, there will be shooting.You have special permission from me to use explosives and stuff.”
“Yes sir,” said Justin, “What mission is this?Will there be strong resistance?”
“You are going to……em……clean up some mess made by us, no survivors.And yes, we are expecting strong resistance.”
“Are we going to kill our own men?”
“They are not exactly our men, you shall ask no more.”
“Right.” said Kelvin.
“You are to be ready and equipped at 1730.”
“Ok,” said Justin.
“Don’t interrupt! There will be two Hummers[5] waiting to take you to Randolph AFB[6].For extra information, you will drive there at night to attract less public attention, which I don’t think it will me any help as you are the ones driving.”
Justin wanted to beat the living daylights out of the lieutenant.
“The hummers have M47II[7]s and long range radios.You and your men will then board a chopper to your destination.The Hummers will also be transported to decrease your chances of tripping over a rock.”
He eyed Justin.
“Although the chopper will be on stand-by so we can take you out if you have accomplished your mission, I would have preferred to leave you two there.”
“I have a request sir,” said Kelvin, ignoring the insult.
“I want one of the hummers with a M2 HMG[8] and the other with a MK19[9].I would also want both of them to have extra M60E3[10]s.”
“Under normal circumstances, I would have said no.Still, I can see that you guys will be hopeless without them, so you will get what you want. Now go and equip yourself and get out of my sight.”
“Yes sir.”

“You are excused.”

(To be continued)

[1] AK-47, a 7.62 mm assault rifle developed in the Soviet Union.
[2] R&R: Army, Rest and Recuperation.
[3] Time used by armies, e.g. 16:00=1600, 8:30=830
[4] MAD Magazine, an American humor magazine.
[5] A High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheeled Vehicle used by the US Army, also known as HMMWV or Humvee.
[6] AFB: Air Force Base
[7]M47, an American shoulder-fired man-portable anti-tank missile system.
[8] M2 Browning machine gun, a HMG (Heavy Machine Gun) that has been in service since the 1920s.
[9] Mk 19 grenade launcher, a belt-fed automatic 40 mm grenade launcher.
[10] An improved version of the M60, general purpose machine gun.

Submitted: March 22, 2009

© Copyright 2021 boyofmystery. All rights reserved.

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I liked it! Very interesting story! ;)

Sun, March 22nd, 2009 5:35pm


Thankyou, I will keep adding to it. XD

Sun, March 22nd, 2009 10:45am

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