Project W - Chapter Seven

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Army Rangers are not trained to encounter other species...

Submitted: March 31, 2009

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Submitted: March 31, 2009



Chapter Seven: Escape?
Everyone in the room was had stopped fighting. They were all speechless, lost for words. They were all thinking the same thing, “DNA experiments tested on humans? Preformed by the US Army? It could not be true…”
Outside, huge creatures were climbing the walls on to the roof.
“We’re shooting our own men,” said Justin.
“It wasn’t their fault they became savage,” whispered Alvina.
“I don’t need any hinting in what happened to the guy that wrote this file,” said Justin.
Kelvin was burning. He could feel the rage building up inside him. He had never felt so pissed in his life.
“I will show these army b******s,” he shouted. “I will get back alive and give those motherf****s a f***ing good ball***ing if it is the last thing I do!!!”
The others were feeling the same. They would get back and tell the whole world about this project. They would take revenge for Kenny and all the other people that suffered.
“Right men,” said Justin. “Even if only one of us escapes this nightmare, our efforts will pay off!”
Suddenly, the roof shook, spraying dust all over the place. The wolfs were on the roof, trying to tear the ceiling off.
“Danny, prepare to detonate your C4s! When the wolfs come down, we will lock them in and blast ‘em.”
As Danny pulled out the composition C4, detonation cord and M60 detonator and began to assemble them, Kelvin yelled out instructions.
“Everyone check and reload your weapons! Alvina and I will carry Adrian. Get the AT-4s and M209 ready! Prepare to run! Danny, you ready?”
Crash! The roof collapsed. Huge chunks of cement and gravel came crashing down, followed closely by ten wolfs.
“OUT!” screamed Kelvin.
With Adrian between Kelvin and Alvina, the whole Squad bolted out the door. Edward was slammed the door and bolted it tight. He ran after the Squad and they made their way to the fence. A few wolfs that were still on the roof jumped down and gave chase. Suddenly, Adrian asked.
“Where’s Danny?”
Danny was lying against the wall of the building. A huge piece of cement had crushed his left leg. Through the pain and gritted teeth, he saw the wolfs advancing towards him, their eyes blazing. He knew they would enjoy ripping his guts out.
The wolfs inspected the intruder as they advanced towards it. It and its kind had caused the death to seven of their comrades and the intruder left behind would pay a terrible price.
Danny could see that the wolfs thought that he was unarmed and helpless. He maybe helpless, but in his right hand was the detonator. As life started to leave him, he murmured.
“Are you creatures friend or for, I am not sure. Still, you will follow me to my death.”
He pulled the ring.
There was a gigantic explosion. Kelvin and his man were only 100 meters from the building and the safety range of 5kg of plastic explosives was 200 meters. They were thrown off their feet as the shockwave of the explosion hit them. The wolfs that gave chase were the same.
As the Squad staggered to their feet, the wolfs were already charging at them. Frantic gun shots were released as the Squad tried to make distance with the wolfs. Justin had twisted his ankle again as he fell. He saw the wolf pounce on him and brought his gun up. The bayonet went through the wolf’s heart and the pulse stopped. The wolf flopped beside Justin and he pulled back his rifle, the bayonet still sticking in the wolf’s heart. He looked round and saw his comrades desperately trying to make it to the Hummers. He saw four wolfs only fifty meters behind them.
One of the wolfs turned round and saw Justin, the sight of an injured creature made it switch its target. It charged for him as Justin reached for his belt. Memories of his past suddenly flashed through his head as if they were trying to prevent him from doing what he was about to do. The wolf pounced.
“F*** you!”
Justin pulled the ring of his grenade.
The explosion made Alvin turned round. He saw four bodies. Edward was killed by the blast and the barely recognizable form of Justin and two wolfs lay in a pool of blood. Filled with rage, he gave a burst of speed and reached the Hummers. He mounted the M2 HMG and gripped the handle of the heavy machine gun. He pulled the bolt two times, loaded the first bullet into the chamber and selected his target. He aimed for the furthest wolf and pressed his thumbs on to the trigger. Sand was being churned up as the line of bullets followed the wolf which was darting here and there. Although the wolfs were fast, they were not as fast as bullets. Blood sprayed everywhere as more and more holes appeared on the wolf.
At the same time, Jacqueline and Kevin reached the Hummers. Kevin jumped into the Hummer Alvin was in and started the engine. Jacqueline climbed into the other Hummer and grasped her hands on the M19 grenade launcher. She could see three wolfs closing in on three people. Kelvin and Alvina were slowed by the injured Adrian who was on the stretcher. Alvina turned her head and saw the biological killing machines looking right at her, their eyes drilling into hers.
The wolfs ran after the three intruders. They did not know why the three intruders were separated from the main group, but separated from the main group meant easy killing and they knew that. They were only meters away and got ready to pounce.
Blood suddenly splashed onto Alvina’s face.  She blinked and looked again. Jacqueline had pressed her hand on to the trigger, releasing the 40mm explosive shells. Two of the wolfs became barely recognizable as shell after shell found their targets. As the ground raced up to meet them, Kevin crashed the Hummer into the last, remaining wolf. He took out his pistol and sent 9mm bullets into the wolf’s head until all 15 shots were gone.

“Asta la vista, you motherf***ers.”

(to be continued)

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