Project W - Chapter Two

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Army Rangers are not trained to ecountered other species...

This is my first official short story, please enjoy XP.

Submitted: March 22, 2009

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Submitted: March 22, 2009



Chapter Two: Preparation
The 6.2 Liter Diesel, Naturally-Aspirated, Liquid Cooled engines of two Hummers roared into life in Fort Hood, Texas. Ten soldiers boarded them, all armed and dangerous. SL and TL of the Rifle Squad were Sergeant First Class Kelvin and Sergeant Justin. They and the eight others accompanying them were all Chinese, qualified medics and experienced. The two Sergeants themselves were experienced too; Lieutenant Copley didn’t like Chinese and Justin’s “beetle in the coffee scheme”. He had selected Chinese on this mission as he was expecting many casualties. The sergeants were totally unaware of this and came to an agreement. Alpha[1] Team was led by Kelvin and Bravo[2] Team was led by Justin.
As this was a special operation, the Lieutenant had given them special permission to excess the armory as often as they like and take whatever they want. The soldiers had taken this opportunity and wanted to try out the heavy-duty weapons. A long list was given to the guy at the armory and all of the weapons had been equipped. All ten men were had grenades, knifes and M9[3] pistols. Kelvin was armed with a M16A4[4] assault rifle while Justin preferred the M4A1 Carbine[5]. He had liked the M4A1 since he first saw it in the movies.
GL Jacqueline and Adrian were armed separately with a M16A4 with a M203[6] grenade launcher underneath and the other with a XRGL40[7], “six shooter” grenade launcher. Jacqueline was the sort that joined the army for fame and not for blood and shooting. She looked as if she had just graduated from high school and was the youngest in the Squad. Adrian had fantastic hearing and eyesight and always has the gift to spot the enemy before the others. Although his military issued glasses made him look nerdy, he was quite handsome.
SAW Alvina and Kenny were satisfied with their M249[8]s. Alvina was a calm and experienced soldier and had fought in the Gulf War before. She had received the Army Distinguished Service Cross Medal for her past actions. Little was known about Kenny as he was transferred from Oklahoma.
R Kevin and Edward had their standard equipment, M16A4 and AT-4[9], but Edward was bored with rifles and had equipped himself with a M1014[10] shotgun. Edward’s favorite pastime is to hunt ducks and deer so this was probably the reason he chose a shotgun for this mission.
The last two soldiers, AT Danny and Sniper Alvin had special weapons. Danny had his SMAW[11] and explosives while Alvin had his M82A1[12] sniper rifle. Alvin was a very calm person and had reacted professionally in all kinds of troubles. He had snipped countless enemies and created fear among them.

After everyone had checked that they had brought everything, radios, first-aids and navigation equipments, and that their weapons were working, the two Hummers left Fort Hood and sped off towards Randolph Air Force Base.

(To be continued)

[1] Alpha=A
[2] Bravo= B
[3]M9, the M92F 9mm pistol.
[4] M16A4, an assault rifle that uses 5.56 mm NATO bullets.
[5] M4A1, the lighter, shorter version of the M16A2.
[6] M203, a single shot 40 mm grenade launcher that attaches to the M16 assault rifle or the M4 Carbine.
[7]XRGL40 is an upgraded version of the M3 clockwork revolver multiple-shot grenade launcher.
[8] M249, a Squad Automatic Weapon that can be belt fed and clip fed, uses 5.56 mm NATO bullets.
[9] AT-4, a portable one-shot Swedish-built anti-tank weapon.
[10] M1014, the Benelli M4 Super 90 shotgun.
[11] SMAW= Shoulder-launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon. Its primary function is being a portable anti-armor rocket launcher.
[12] M82A1= Barrett M82 heavy SASR (Special Application Scoped Rifle). It’s also known as M107).

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