Burnt Alive

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a dream of a character in one of my stories.... she realizes she's being burned alive... from the inside out.

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



Something is burning; something inside me.

Smoke is pouring out of my nose and surrounding my frail skeleton. The skin is all gone, my muscle turned to ash. The only sign of life rests with my beating, burning heart.

I look for a door, a window, a way out of this hell, but find my only escape to be a cold metal wall. And this is no escape, it is another trap door. It shivers and tremors until it turns into silver, then glass, I realize, as my face pales upon it. My flowing brown hair is burned at the ends, but falls back into my scalp as a beauty. My jaw is as tight as a snake on its prey, my lips a perfection to match it. My nose flows slender up to my eyes, which gleam in the destructive light.

I lean in closer, my horror unfolding. The fire that lives within me spikes and swallows my chin, burning each of my hairs until there is none. My skin melts away until there is nothing but my eyes sitting in a vacant skull.

I plead for the metal walls, for my reflection to be gone. The red in eyes burns down to my throat, and swallows and swirls until the twirls reach my heart. It burns like a furnace, igniting me from within; the flames are my lifeline, they flow through my veins, but if I’m not careful, they’ll burn right through me and spread like a fire. They’ll burn down my body and take over my skin, dancing and acting like they’re hardly a sin; like they’re wanted and loved and accepted by all; like people won’t scream when they see me inside, being tortured and tantalized like a sick child, burned alive.

It’s evil, this power. It’s the end of my life. It’s drowning me slowly and consuming me deeply. I am its prey, no longer in control. This power is no longer a gift. It’s using me as a hollow body for its force, killing and destroying everything in its path.

I shall be the first to spark, but the last to burn.

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