Venus House.

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short story based off a dream I had that stuck with me. I’ll add to it as I write it, hope you enjoy.

Grey, in his mind had the perfect name to match his life. Loosing both of his parents in an accident he, along with other orphans are on their way across the country to Venus house. A private school for wealthy orphan children. This story will unravel through the eyes of Grey. 


After a lot of travelling I finally arrived at the massive gates of Venus house. I was greeted by a well dressed peculiar lady that had one blue eye and one white eye. I put it down to an eye condition I’m shy and tend to keep to myself I didn’t want to ask her many questions. She walked me up a beautiful paved driveway with gorgeous greenery growing up both sides. 

Once we got to the top of the driveway I saw the house in all it’s glory, it was the most elegant house I had ever seen. 

Because it was late in the night I requested to be shown around in the morning as I really just wanted to sleep. I then learned I have to share a room with not just 1 but 5 other people. This place costs a fortune and your telling me I have to share a room were my exact words. At that point I heard the entitlement in my voice. I shut my mouth and let her show me to my room. The hallways were massive, art I had never seen before draped on the walls. Luxurious curtains and furnishings at every turn, it really was gorgeous.

When I walked into the room I was greeted by 5 friendly strangers and it was pretty awkward. I really just wanted to sleep I didn’t feel like socialising but I’m in a room full of handsome boys I can’t complain. George, Ben, Reece, Tyler and Kyle. 

I wanted to stay up and chat but I said goodnight and went straight to sleep.


In the morning I was shown to the shower block and I was thankful i didn’t have to share one. The water pressure was amazing and it felt as if I was in an expensive hotel. I got dressed did my hair all nice and started heading to my room when Kyle caught me off guard and told me to come eat breakfast at the dining hall. I was so hungry and when I saw all that food i almost cried it was amazing.

Six massive hand carved tables line the massive room and at the front was the biggest buffet table I had ever seen.

Kyle and I are heading towards the line and I notice hardly anyone is taking advantage of all this food. I say to Kyle “why is nobody grabbing much I’m about to look real fat” he giggled and replied “we are only allowed to pick 6 items of food, don’t ask why because I don’t know” he replied with a laugh. 

6 items? What a waste I was thinking, why prepare so much food? 

I got to the table and didn’t know where to look, croissants, bacon, bowls of fruit, selections of bread and cheeses. I immediately grab an apple and a bottle of water, a bacon and egg sandwich and two omelet’s I forgot we were allowed to grab 6 items so I went back and got another piece of fruit. 6 items didn’t seem that bad considering I couldn’t finish it all. 

Reece one of the guys I share a room with came and sat beside me. He smelled so good and had the most beautiful smile, i was already crushing on him. “Who’s showing you around today” he asked me “oh shit I was supposed to meet that lady, I’ll see you later.. Reece is it?” I replied trying to act like I’m not that interested. 

I headed to the main offices and tracked down Hazel the lady from yesterday. 

“I’m sorry I’m late I completely forgot”

I said in a sorry voice. 

“There’s no excuses for late here, this is a warning follow me” 

She replied snarky. 

Ok fair enough I’m late but really? On my first day I get a warning? 

She walked me through what seemed like a never ending corridor to the education block and showed me the basics. 

My first class was Physical education and I already wanted to ditch, working out is not my thing I was blessed with a great metabolism so I never really had to. 

I walked outside and it felt great to get some fresh air, the fields were massive and so was the gymnasium. The nature was breath taking, trees as tall as buildings surrounded the section. I could see various gardens and sculptures it was perfect, although there were a few odd looking ones. 

“Enjoy your first day Grey”

Said Hazel 


I replied, clearly still a bit pissed about my warning from earlier.. 


Submitted: September 21, 2018

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