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A poem I wrote

Submitted: April 17, 2016

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Submitted: April 17, 2016



My mind is a void

Encompassed in darkness
Oh my, I'm so heartless
And where has gone the joy?
The flames pan in my heart
But it doesn't know where to start its
And my mind has been deserted in limbo for a long time now
Thinkin bout all the people and cars that fly by now
My heart is so desolate
With these ruins I'm tryin to make the best of it
My veins pump sickness inside
My soul's searching for a light to find
And my face is blank
My eyes are searching out in space
Yeah, he fakes a smile
But he ain't felt joy in a while
Yes, these wounds they will not heal
And this heart it cannot feel
Yes, these tears they will not bend
These city lights flare up again
Yes I'm the host for negligence
Wishing I could 
Reignite my life like a genesis
Could these tides of war inside please sign an armistice?
Wishing I could find myself some truth to this
And yet the flesh hides something truly ruthless
Like my mind has tied several nooses 
I guess I'll wait till the peak of dawn to see which belligerents loose this.

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