who am i supposed to be

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Submitted: August 28, 2016

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Submitted: August 28, 2016



Sometimes I ponder if destiny is intertwined with fate

Chilling down our shoulders as the wind shakes

Yes but we're all just a lot of fakes foraging through our outtakes

Is destiny even real?

Has the ink been dried and our fate been sealed?

Is there a point to the human development?

Or are we just living for the hell of it

trying to stay relevant

And I think, I try

to extend my hand to the other side

and there's no one there but a cold shoulder

death comes to exterminate us all like a massive boulder

Is there reason behind who lives and dies?

Yes, why is it somewhere a Syrian girl is left to sit to bleed and die

And those who bomb her home get to breed and dine

And who am I supposed to be?

Who am I to be given the spoils of life's tree?

Do I have a greater goal? A greater purpose?

Do any of us? This makes me nervous.

Is life just an arbitrary consequence of an ever rolling die?

an ambiguous question left till the end of time?

An infinite theory for us to procrastinate and hide behind?

And I start to understand my existence appears to have no reason or rhyme.

And so, who am I?

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