How are you going to go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month?

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Brandie Lovato's battle with breast cancer. Early detection saves lives. Breast cancer just doesn’t affect women age 40 and over. Breast cancer can occur to anyone, any age, any sex, and any race.

Submitted: October 01, 2015

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Submitted: October 01, 2015



Did you know about 1 in 8 US women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime and more than 11,000 young women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year.  Compared to older women, young women generally face more aggressive cancers and lower survival rates.  However there is always hope and it is proven early detection increases survival rate.  As you may already know October is breast cancer awareness month.  I am sharing my story with you to bring awareness about the disease.  Breast cancer just doesn’t affect women age 40 and over.  Breast cancer can occur to anyone, any age, any sex, and any race.

While breastfeeding,  I noticed a lump every once in a while in my right breast but assumed it was a clogged duct.  Then in November 2014, about 8 months after I had stopped breastfeeding I noticed a lump in the same place and this time it felt larger and my initial gut felling was telling me something wasn’t right.  I immediately saw the first doctor who did not seem entirely concerned and said at my age lumps can be normal and are usually benign.  She gave me the option to either keep an eye on it over the next month to see if it would go away or to have an ultrasound done.  For my sanity, I decided it was best to have the ultrasound as soon as possible. During the ultrasound they said the lump looked like a fibroadenoma but had some abnormalities. We decided the next best option was to biopsy the mass.  The results came back and I found myself at the age of 27 diagnosed with invasive breast cancer.I never imagined at such a young age I would have to battle cancer.  I had heard of woman with breast cancer but never anyone in their 20’s.  I will admit I wasn’t consistent at doing a monthly breast self exam but performed it enough to know to know my body and when something was abnormal.  Through my self-exam, I noticed the lump and had it thoroughly checked out.  I am very thankful I had taken the simple steps I did because it saved my life.  Since my diagnosis at the beginning of December 2014 I have underwent a double mastectomy, a boost of radiation before chemotherapy, 6 treatments of intense chemotherapy where I lost my hair, could hardly eat, was hospitalized and external radiation every day, Monday through Friday for 21 treatments.

As a young woman, how has breast cancer affected my life and how do I feel about it?  Right after my diagnosis I felt angry, scared, in shock, sad, emotional distressed, and lost.  Now, nearly one year later, I feel completely different.  My perspective of life and the way I live it have completely changed.  Now I focus on Blessings, Life, Faith, Love, Support, and Family.  Don’t get me wrong not that I don’t ever feel upset or lost but I have experienced the biggest blessings in the roughest times. I know God is on my side helping me win this battle.  Coming into this year I didn’t know how far the cancer had progressed, what the cancer was and what the plan would be to treat it.  It was all so unknown.  One might say this would have been the worse year for me but I have learned this has been one of my best years so far.  I thought there was a possibility of my life being cut short due to cancer. The best gift I can ask for is that I discovered the lump and caught the cancer in its early stages.  I have life and I thank God everyday for each breath I am able to take.I continue to have hope, that I will have many more years ahead of me, because hope keeps me positive and positivity helps me stay strong.  I have my faith in God which is the number one reason I am winning this battle.  With God everything is possible.  The love and support from my family and friends continues to lift me up.  They have always been there for me even if it was just by an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry on.  My kids kept me laughing when times I just wanted to cry, they supported me and wanted to shave their heads like mom when I lost my hair. They always made sure I was okay after coming home from the doctors and helped take care of me by either bringing me Gatorade in bed or just laying next to me. Some of the greatest blessings come from the worst situations. 

I ask you now… How are you going to go Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month?  For starters please share my story, so people are fully aware that breast cancer can happen even to young woman. Second, make it a point to do your monthly self-exams and go to your annual exams with your doctor because it may just save your life.  And last but not least I ask you to consider donating to my fight.  I am still battling and trying to overcome the financial hardships of this burden.  My goal is to raise $10,000 which will pay off my medical bills for 2015 and prepare us for my 2016 medical bills.  Unfortunately I still have two surgeries ahead, hercepton treatments every 3 weeks, a hormone therapy drug every day for the next ten years and numerous follow up doctor appointments which adds up quickly.  I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your support and may God bless each and every one of you.

Brandie Lovato


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