A Legacy of Destruction

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This story is meant to reflect the oppression of the Native Americans that has been taking place since the colonial days.

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



“Hurry up Gregory!” says Christopher as he reaches the top of the hill.

The two boys fight their way through the tall green alfalfa to the large oak tree at the top of the hill whose branches dangle so low Judas jumps up and grabs a leaf as he makes his way under the shadow of the mighty tree and sits down.

“I win again”, says Christopher the taller and stronger of the two boys knowing he got a head start.

Gregory too out of breath to respond collapses on the other side and lays there for a moment while he begins to catch his breath.

“Well done Christopher, I am impressed by your speed”, replies Rod.

“Come over here Rod”, orders Christopher.

Rod complies and moves to the other side of the tree and sits next to his friend.

“Look, you can see my tribe’s entire reservation from here”, Rod proudly exclaims.

“It is beautiful. Where do you live?” asked Christopher.

“Me and my mom live in a trailer a couple miles west of the casino”, says Rod, “where do you live?”

“I live in a house with my mom and dad in town on the other side of the hill,” replies Christopher.

Rod pulls a cookie out of his pocket and breaks it in half.

“Here you go Christopher,” says Rod as he extends the cookie in offering.

Christopher grabs the cookie and quickly devours it.

“Do you have any more?”, asks Christopher.

“No, I don’t have any on me, but I have tons more at my house”, exclaimed Rod.

“Oh really, why so many, and where exactly is your house?”, asks Christopher as he tries to contain his excitement.

“We keep them in my kitchen of course! My mom runs a bakery operation out of our home. It is in the only trailer park on the reservation. Ours is the pink one with the wooden table outside of it”, replied Rod confused to as why he was asking.

Christopher pulls a water bottle out of his backpack and begins to drink it.

“Can I have so ..” says Rod as he tries to ask for a drink.

“Oh sorry, I was really thirsty”, Christopher proclaims to Rod.

“It is getting dark. I better get home”, says Christopher as he stands up “I’ll catch you later Rod!”

Christopher stands up and takes off down the hill before Rod can even say goodbye. Rod gets up and starts to make his way down the hill.

The sun finishes setting as Rod makes his way back on to his reservation and heads towards his home. He enters the trailer park and trips on something as he walks in the dark.

“Hey kid, watch where your going!” says a man laying on the floor drunk with a bottle of hard liquor in his hands.

Rod runs around the corner and into his trailer. As he enters he sees his mother cooking frybread in the kitchen.

“Hi mom!” exclaims Rod as he walks by the kitchen.

His mother, busy cooking turns to Rod, with a huge smile on her face, welcomes him home with a big hug and kiss on the cheek then quickly returns to what she was doing.

“Rod can you please grab me my medication for my high blood pressure?” asks his mother.

“Of course mother,” replies Rod as he heads towards the bathroom.

Just as he gets into the bathroom Rod hears an extremely loud bang and then screams coming from the kitchen. Rod runs into the other room to find three men with masks wrestling with his mother trying to tie her up. Rod runs to her defense, but even as he tries with all of his will and strength he to is subdued by the men and tied up.

“Look for the money,” says the largest of the three men as the others begin to ransack the trailer.

“You said there would be money here!” yells one of the other men as he back hands the shorter of the three in the head.

“He told me that she ran a business out of here”, says the short the one.

Rod instantly recognizes the voice and instantly turns over in anger and disbelief.

“Christopher!” screams Rod as he pulls on the ropes struggling to break free, “how could you!”

The room gets dead silent and the short man heads for the door. As he gets half way through the door the he takes of his mask and turns around. It is Christopher.

“Why did this happen?” asks Rod with tears in his eyes.

“Because I could”, replies Christopher.

Christopher looks at his friend and says “goodbye” and then walks out the door.

Christopher sits outside crying as he hears the screams of Rod’s mother as she is raped and the sound four loud bangs as the two men kill the boy and his mother. They find and take Rod’s mother’s money jar and then run out the door.

“Lets go!” yells the larger man as they both hurdle into the truck.

“No!” exclaims Christopher “what we have done here is wrong”.

Christopher runs back to the tree on top of the hill where he used to play with his friend. He throws a rope over a branch, climbs up the tree, and then ties the rope around his neck.

“I may be a child, but I know now, I would rather die a boy then live as an animal” cries Chrstopher.

The boy then jumps of the tree where he dangles in the moon light sky as the air escapes his body and suffocates to death.

© Copyright 2018 Brandon Arnold. All rights reserved.

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