A Riddle Crime

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A night of a big function and John has to use the bathroom but stays for a long while and people go looking for him and end up going all over the place.

Submitted: October 23, 2011

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Submitted: October 23, 2011



A Riddle Crime (Part 1)

Me: Bob, where is John?

Bob: He said he was going to the bathroom. He should be back shortly

Me: I better go and look because he has to perform next

Bob: Okay, take the main way and hurry!

Hurriedly walking all over the place looking for John; my sweat was consuming my entire body and I was huffing and puffing louder than you could hear my footsteps. The bathroom facility was about half of the hotel campus which was about 9 miles broad. I started shouting in my exhausted voice, “John! John! John!”, but I only heard a large melee of my echoes.

It came to a point where I was so exhausted that I started speaking different languages, which were probably unknown to man. In a few minutes I started to feel week and had to collapse. I was suffering from dehydration and hunger in the middle of nowhere.

Bob and Lucille were still at the function looking out for me and John, thinking we would be back by now. They both tried calling us but unfortunately my phone was soaked in my sweat and they were getting feedback from John’s phone saying, “The number you have called is no longer in service”, Now it was a disaster.

They complained about it and no further suggestion but to call in the police about the matter. The police called in backup and a fire-team as well as some members from the S.W.A.T. When they got there, they pulled the fire alarm to make everyone evacuate the building cause this is a very serious situation. Suddenly a woman from in the crowd ran to the police and said that three of her friends had gone missing.

The police sent in four S.W.A.T teams and other policemen to search this building inside out and bring back any intelligence found so that it would be inspected. This was a long search because this hotel was so massive and confusing with all of the rooms and facilities. Bob and Lucille told the officers on the outside that John went to use the bathroom and took really long to come back and that I went to look for him. So the officer messaged the others who went inside to try and make their way over to the bathrooms and he will send in some backup to finish search where they were.

The team which went over to the bathroom facilities hurriedly walked through all of the gates and back doors but ended up somewhere different from where I was. They ended up by a different bathroom facility which was shut down. There were other undercover agents inside but one found me there lying down soaked in my same sweat on the ground. He sent out a message saying to send in some medics over to the main bathroom facility west of the hotel because he found me lying unconscious close by the bathrooms. He sent out another message telling the other officers to push their way over to the main bathrooms.

This was big. The force had finally reached over there and breached in to the bathroom facility but found nothing but blood dripping from the sink and a piece of fabric hanging over. The officer looked into the sink and saw a riddle written in blood saying, “I am well-known, you should already know me. I cause many crimes and they come out pretty ugly. If you don’t know me well look at the window and you will see the first letter of my name because I know that it is you. The letter is ‘G’. Now find all of the others located where sunlight comes through and you will find me”. The officer going undercover thought this was very weird. He sat down and studied the riddle and said, “My name starts with G” to himself all of the time.

Knowing that he should look for every letter to solve this riddle he sent out all of the teams to search for them and meet back at the same bathroom. After about twenty minutes all of the teams came back with all of their letters found. They found the letters, ‘S’, ‘E’, ‘T’, ‘P’. The officer sat down and studied these letters for a little while and said to himself that he has seen this before. Suddenly he realised that it is G. Pest. He remembers that this is the same initials he has seen for a crime scene already but he thought this would have to lead to something.

He asked another officer that was going undercover about it and he said this is an address that he has seen before but it is a very private one. Both of them go looking for this address along with the others and they see a large building with a big question mark on it and riddles all over the place.


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