The King

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the legends of a hero who saves the innocents from the evil and chaos, he will be the one that'll save the lives.

Submitted: June 14, 2016

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Submitted: June 14, 2016



Legend tells of a stranger who lives in a weird world, this man has faced many foes, and had been fighting for many years, with or without his allies he always wins a fight, till that day he was venturing forth through the lands, searching for a new trail till he finds a strange old man walking on the road, he looked like a poor and weak man and he is alone, the king asked the man, " Hey, mind having a ride with my horse?" The old man looked at him with a smile, " W-why yes please, I need some help going to my home." " Then hop on man." He helped the man get on his horse and soon went to the man's home, but he had the strangest feeling that something is not right.

When they get to the location where the old man's place is, there was no sign of it, " Youb sure this is the right place?" The King said, but the only response from the man was a demonic growl, he looked behind and see that the old man was a Succubus when he made the horse disappeared and he jumped back and entered a fighting stance. " Well now... seems I didn't sense ya in that form." " That's because you're an idiot!" The Succubus growled out as she readied some energy orbs, " Now it's time to die!" She blasts him with her energy, but the king blocked them without flinching, " W-what?!" The king wiped some dust off, then blast the demon with his energy, killing her easily.

But the succubus came back, and stronger than before, the king looked surprised, but took a stance again, " Alright, lets play." The succubus charged at him and punches him, making him fly to a tree, but he got back up and charged at her, blasting her with a few shots of energy orbs and then headbutts her face after removing his own crown, she flew back and landed hard through the ground.

She growls and got up, soon summoning skeletons to go after him, when the king fought off the skeletons with a enchanted sword, they were all down but the succubus is gone, he then walks away, summoning his horse and rides it to somewhere unknown, the king feared nothing, not even death itself, he is the legend, he is the king, he is... Branden.

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