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A short story about a high school and a terrorist attack. Feedback appreciated.

Submitted: February 13, 2015

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Submitted: February 13, 2015



It was my first day of high school and I was with my new class in our classroom. We were standing in a circle and taking turns with introductions. “Hi I’m Mark. I don’t really have any hobbies but I like playing computer games I guess…”  

Everybody was already staring at me as if I was a nerd and I realised that I would have a hard time finding new friends in this class, not that I ever had many to begin with.

The next girl to introduce herself was Annabelle. She was my neighbour and I had loved her ever since I first laid my eyes on her. She was the definition of beautiful. Her golden hair flowed over her shoulders complementing her sparkling emerald eyes. She was gorgeous, the opposite of me with my jet black hair and scruffy looks.

I was nothing more than a friend to her though and the times when we would hang out and chat on the porch were long gone.

After introducing ourselves we already had our first lesson: French. I absolutely hated French and just sat at the back of the class, slowly nodding off, until I realised that I smelt something burning. I looked around to see if anyone else had noticed but it seemed I was the only one. I just ignored it and continued napping until suddenly a piercing noise rang out. Somebody had sounded the fire alarm.

The teacher implored us to remain calm and we did, until Annabelle noticed the reason of the commotion. “Look outside; people are burning the school down!” she said, and it was true. A group of terrorists were dousing the school in petrol and then setting it alight, worse than that though was the fact that they were systematically detonating some sort of explosive devices that had been planted inside the school. We all watched in shock as each floor in the building opposite ours was swallowed by a wall of fire one after the other.

Pandemonium erupted in the classroom as everyone panicked as we realised that an escaped would be impossible because we were surrounded by bombs. “Quickly, we have to jump out of the windows!” Annabelle suggested, receiving flabbergasted looks from everyone because we were on the 4th floor. I was the only one to support her as I quickly rushed to the windows; the rest of the class refused to accept this was the only option and stubbornly ran in to the hallway, attempting a desperate sprint to the stairs to beat the detonation. Annabelle and I were both standing on separate window ledges, looking down at the cement below us as we heard the bombs start detonating in our building. I shuddered as I heard the death cries of my fellow students. “Since this is the end I guess I should tell you…I love you Annabelle” I confessed .She didn’t reply, her stare fixated on the ground below her. “I don’t care anymore, this is the end anyway” I thought with tears welling up in my eyes. As the bombs detonated on the floor below us I suddenly realised that I couldn’t do it. “I can’t do it; I’m too much of a coward. Just jump and save yourself” I said, ashamed of myself. I closed my eyes, awaiting the sound of the explosion behind me and the singing of my body. Instead I suddenly felt a push as the bombs detonated on our floor. I turned around opening my eyes in shock, as I saw Annabelle standing on the ledge with tears in her eyes “I love you too” she mouthed milliseconds before disappearing in flames.

That was when I woke up in the French classroom. Everything was completely normal and it seemed as if not even a second had passed since I had fallen asleep. Relief passed through me as I smiled, glad that it was all a dream. Suddenly my nose picked up a familiar smell. It took me a while to place it until I realised: Something was burning.

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