Mafia In space Part 1

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Submitted: August 03, 2012

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



The year is 1998 and the Mafia went to a town called westwood and Tommy and his crew charged into a bank and Big Sam pulled out his gun saying "If anyone moves your dead".Then Joey through Tommy the money but as he did the owner of the shop pressed the alarm. Sonny ran in shouting "quick Johnny boy is here". They all ran out the bank and jumped in Johnny boy's car. Johnny drove off as fas

t as he could but the police still caught him and the rest of the Mafia.

After doing 10 years in jail they all gave up being in the Mafia but that night while Tommy was sleeping the room shook and Tommy awoke in shock. He put on his clothes and ran out side to find the Earth was under attack by a ugly looking creature... Aliens. Tommy tried to call for help but most of the people was dead so he could only call for the people he trused most... The rest of the Mafia The phone line was dead so Tommy jumped in his car and drove to Joeys house but when he got there a alien seemed to be injured outside his house. Tommy couldn't just leave it there so he risked his life and went over to it and it talked to him "Your race... isn't evil?" Tommy looked at it like how can you talk english but instead he just said "No... Your not?" Then the alien got off the ground and said "I have to tell my people". She opened a strange device so while she was telling her people Tommy got Joey. When Joey walked outside he was going to shoot the alien but Tommy took his gun off him saying "shes not tring to kill us"

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Mafia In space Part 1

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