Only Infatuated Over

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Being Filled Up Only to be let down

Submitted: May 26, 2013

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Submitted: May 26, 2013



Im fuckin gettin tired of bein dropped,

floatin on a bubble in tha air only to get popped,

or grown in tha spring for summer weather to die out from tha heat like crops,

I was always taught,

To treat a woman like I wanna be treated,

So when I do how come i always end up under tha status of deleted,

You want a one time thing just say it,

Don't make me think your all mine blow my fuckin head up only to be deflated,

Id rather be sedated,

Rather than be a  pair of old jeans and Highly Drunk and high than be that type of faded,

I feel like Im destined only for first dates,

Im a one hit wonder like tha decade I was born in and this problem i have is whats piled up on my plate,

Im not a womanizer or man-ho,

Im lookin for tha real love that I so state in my date profiles, not lookin to bounce around like Im fuckin Banjo,

Kazooie, Why am I liked until after tha first meeting its confusing,

Just be yourself is bullshit advice screamed at me and Im about to begin muting,

Im being punished for listenin to Mom,

I should do every woman wrong from here on out so I wont be tha one to take tha bomb,

Maybe i wont be wrong but I will cast away,

If you wanna find me Ill give you one clue cause me givin my heart means im crazy and repeatin tha last days


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