Ran Away From Wife

Poem by: Branthaman Z


Submitted: June 01, 2013

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Submitted: June 01, 2013



it wasnt as good as most would think,

tha exterior was fresh but tha inside would begin to stink,

and tha stench was makin its way out it was obvious because of drinks,

Time bein spent together was becoming more and more few and far between,

Trust was free fallin like The Heartbreakers and more suspicions of whos tha cheat,

We were seperating like milk and oil intended together and it went bad within a blink,

I just wanted to keep my eyes closed and fast forward to see how things would be,

I smoked and drank for all tha wrong reasons, they were my escape from tha deviled she,

I had no idea that her not bein there was tha same thing, but her escape from me,

When I realized it hurt me more and more my heart began to bleed,

I aint tha prettiest man alive, she made that a point almost everytime she breathed,

I thought I had jealousy issues but I didn't it was her wishin that I was tha "he,"

Tha celebrity image, tha stars, tha rich, idolized what she saw upon tha TV,

Our big fallout argument to end tha era really had me seein green,

I seen enough plus tha physical and mental abuse I struck back I was told that I should leave,

So I packed my bags upped and left I was abolished, oh yes I felt free,

I promised I would not find another as tyrannical as ms b...

© Copyright 2017 Branthaman Z. All rights reserved.

Ran Away From Wife

Status: Finished

Genre: True Confessions


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