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My Memorial Day solo while everyone else enjoys it

Submitted: May 27, 2013

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Submitted: May 27, 2013



I wish I had a sandwich to eat, 

Instead of boxed mac n cheese,

I been gettin calls left and right sayin we got food but no invites and my stomach hollars thats a tease,

No type of meat up in tha house wish this wasnt a fact but please,

If you got room at your bbq today then hand me a plate of that potato salad please,

I am not beggin,

I am just poetically speakin for my stomachs expression,

Im outta stamps and im speakin from my stomachs aggression,

I know what your thinkin and yes I am aware that it could be worse, 

But im one who speaks his mind and Im alive enough to say whats on it cause im not in a hearse,

I been completely forgot about and underminded,

maybe not one hundred percent on this subject but yes I wasnt invited,

some wanted to but had others didnt think so high of it,

some others had tha thought employed but didnt dare to hire it,

My invitations free fallin, 

My appearance has gone into recallin,

It isnt my fault but many's thoughts about me is see-sawin,

And its far left of tha right field unless it is tha 3rd of tha month,

I will remember that when I get asked what Im havin for lunch, 

Eat a rib or two for me while your havin a beer or your iced out lemon tea,

And enjoy tha sun your given today and chill with your friends and family


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