Dancing dreamily

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I keep telling you that you have to read on to know what's going on...

Submitted: May 23, 2008

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Submitted: May 23, 2008



May, 3, 2008
Aislin woke sweating and a scream caught in her throat. Somehow she had stopped herself from screaming. "maybe cause Mom'll kill me if I even talk while Tyrel was asleep". Rubbing her sleepy eyes, she looked at her watch. 5:04am. She inwardly groaned and rolled over, burying her head in her pillow knowing all too well that sleep would not find her again tonight. "or should I say this morning." Slowly, and jerkily, she got out of bed, dressed and went downstairs.
She stopped when she got to the bottom of the stairs. her vision was beginning to blur and there was a figure standing by...a window? There's no window there? Aislin watched as her kitchen was transformed into a ballroom, filled with people in gorgeous dresses and handsome suits dancing. She walked a few steps forward when a young turned to her. He bowed and held out his hand "A dance, your highness?". Confused, she takes his hand allows herself to be lead out into the middle of the ballroom. Taking up a dance she knew somehow, they soon become the centre of attention. Throughtout the whole dance the man stares her the whole way through. The music stopped but they keep dancing, soon slowing to a stop and standing fairly close. His head comes closer and-
"Aislin Honora Kerryk! Will you listen to me when I call your name!' Her mothers voice cuts through the vision, sending the young man away. Dropping her arms to her sides she sighed. I had to do something for her yell my name like that. Opening her eyes, she turned to get some breakfast. Her mother followed, Tyrel in her arms, taking all the events in. "Yes mother?" Aislin got a bowl out and cereal and began eating, preferring it dry. Her mother put Tyrel in his chair and walked over to her. "Why aren't you listening. For the past few months you've completely zoned out. You looked like you were about to float away back there." She looked to her mother. Moer was a strong woman, but after losing her first born, she had lost some resilience and became a worrisome mother. Aislin smiled. "Nothing mother, don't worry. I just really like to dance" Her mother nodded, absentmindly and turned away to tend to a fussing Tyrel.

 "Hey Aislin, over here!" Tiffany called over, waving her hands. Aislin followed her chattering friends when a young man caught her eye. He looks familiar...her eyes widened as she remembered her vision from the day before. This boy had a way-to-chilling look wiht him. She thought about her vision, surprised she caould have forgotten about the man even for a second with the way he looked at her. He had looked hungry, though he sought food of a differnt kind.

Following the young man with her eyes, she wasn't surprised when he turned to look at her. Staring blankly at him, she didn't realise her friend had continued on without her until she tore her gaze from the man and looked around. It's just like them to go and leave me like this. Sighing a heavy sigh, Aislin turned to head home.

 The man gently grabbed her wrist, leading her out into the garden. "Come on, you know I wouldn't hurt you" He smiled and her heart skipped a beat.  For a while Aislin thought she was remembering this from the movie, but soon found out that it her dream fantasy come true. So to speak. Taking the man's advise, she took off her coat and was happy she had. The night was cool because it had rained earlier but the sun had come up to dry the soaking earth. Smiling at the roses and flowers she saw whilke walking absent mindly around she almost forgotten the man. That is until he spoke. "Has anyone ever told you that you look gorgeous under the moonlight?" He asked picked up a flower, bringing it to his nose. Nodding just to aggitate him, she walked towards him. He placed the flower in his hand and brought her hand up to his mouth, kissing her palm. His face got closer and closer...

 "Aislin! Stop day dreaming and help me dress Rian. You look like you were with someone." Her mother called from the baby's room. Aislin smiled as she walked to her brothers room, passing Rian on the way. She ruffled his hair and laughed as he frantically tried to fix it. "Hey bro, having fun?" All she got was a 'hmpf' but that was fine. She had spent the night under the stars.

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