War of Races - Chapter 1

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Perla fidns out that the temple isn't the only light in her life.

Submitted: June 04, 2008

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Submitted: June 04, 2008



Today was the day that King Nyle was either annoucing that he had to pick his heir to the Boerovian throne, or his wife and/or mistress was expecting. Of course Perla was too late when she got there."Of all the days I had to fall asleep in class, today should not have been one of them" Perla cried more upset about missing her friends news than having broken a rule. Rushing through her rituals to go out into the world, she rushed passed the Statue of Harmio. Cursing she headed back and gave her thanks to her Goddess. She laughed a little trying to imagine herself running through the town, getting her sandles to dirty for the temple again. There goes another pair, Father will have my robe.

" Running something low peasants do because they don't have to worry about anyone caring about them or their place in life. You on the other hand do my dear, so remember when your in a hurry, it's better to be fashionbly late then showing up in dirty clothes and torn sandles." Perla sighed and continued running. Nothing is going to make me late for Nyle's news. Stopping short of a fountin she notices a small child unsupervised and almost cried out. Except maybe that child and it's idiotic parents.

Rushing over to the child, she cleared her throat. Having been a Priestess for 6 years now she was quite used to the bows and knee bending she got. Allowing the child to finish it's phrase of thanks and forgiveness, she looked around.

"Dear child, where are your mother and father? Surely they didn't just leave you here ir play in the water where you can drown and die." The child looked down. "Look at me child. What is your name?" Sniffing, the child looking up and smiled a little.

"Migela, Priestess. My parents left town with my brother and sister a few days ago. At first I loved it Priestess, but then I got hungry and tired and had no where to sleep. My parents sold the house to move." Migela added the end when Perla got a confued look on her face. The Priestess stood there for a second thinking. Well, the only thing I can do is take her home with me until I can find a home for her that is safe and warm.

Her mind made up, Perla held out her hand and Migela took it carefully. Looking up with big purple eyes, the child asked "am I in trouble?". Perla just smiled and shook her head.

 Seeing her father throught the crowds she walked up behiund him, Migela following. She curtisied and faced the raised stage. I missed it. But surely father knows how dear Nyle is to me and will not kee me in suspence.

"Father, what of the throne. Does the King have a natural heir?" Waiting for her father to answer any question was like asking him to clean her shoes. He wouldn't do it if she could herself. Perla nodded at the answer. The King was forced to pick an heir/heiress. Taking a deep breath she turned to her father and held out her hand to Migela.

"Father, this is Migela and her parents left her alone in the city a few days ago. I'm taking her in until I can find a suitable home for her." SHe knew she needed permission, but as she was getting closer and closer to her ascension to High Priestess, she figured she had better start making her own desicions and deal with the consicences. The High Priest looked at Migela and smiled.

"Very well, but she must be taught in the Temple. She must learn the rituals that the Priestess learn and perform." Perla nodded.

A violent push came from behind causing Perla to be unbalanced and sending her crashing to the ground. Not my new robe!! Harmio forgive me for my carelessness!! Sturggling to get up, a hand gripped hers and hauled her to her feet. After wiping the mud from her eyes, she saw another pair staring at her intently. The depth of the colour of blue could only have been found in her Temple and dreams. They were surrounded by the thickest, most beautiful lashes she had ever seen on a man. Stammering for her words she began and thank you.

"Why thank you kind sir. How fortunate of me for you to be here in my time of need. Harmio will certainly grace you for having helped her Priestess." Bowing her head, she noticed the man was finely dressed. A noble? All the way donw here in the small parts of town? Why? Her and her father had to come to the lower parts of town every other day because the temple was located on the border of the once high end and low end, now Boerovian and Tyilee. Now to separate nations worsipping the same Gods in different ways.

The man bowed and kissed her hand causing a deep blush to spread through her cheeks.

"Not a problem my Priestess and I hope I may see you again." He bowed deeply to her father and patted Migela on the head before taking his leave. Her father saw the look in her eyes and became amused. He chuckled.

"My daughter, the pleasures of the flesh can be wonderful, but at such a time in your life it would be wise to steer clear of them for a while." Perla only nodded, following her father, Migela trailing behind. She only heard 'pleasures of the flesh and saw his eyes and already her mind couldn't stop running. What is his name? I have to know.

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