Blood May Fall

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

*MATURE CONTENT CONTAINED* (and no, I don't mean your rated pg 13 stuff.) ;P

Table of Contents

Blood May Fall

Curtis is a 19 year old boy, who just witnessed his girlfriend killed in a drive by shooting. His hurt emotions soon turn into something much more dangerous. "Now the world can feel how I once did." Read Chapter

BLOOD MAY FALL 2 My whole body jerked as my mind snapped into consiousness. My body felt as though it had just hit the cold h... Read Chapter

BLOOD MAY FALL 3 Raymond's tears began to spil out of the corners of his eyes. This startled me even further. I pulled my arm... Read Chapter

BLOOD MAY FALL 4 I tossed and turned for hours on Raymond's couch. If I didn't see the bed he was on, I would swear there was not... Read Chapter

BLOOD MAY FALL 5 **** I crouched down beneath the open window, listening to the conversation in the room above me. "Okay,... Read Chapter


BLOOD MAY FALL 6 "You- You weer dreaming about... What?" Raymond shook me onve again as he demanded inforamtion from me. My visio... Read Chapter


BLOOD MAY FALL 7 *** Blood... blood was everywhere. Blood stained the walls, the floor, my shoes, my jeans, my hands. It was ... Read Chapter