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Status: Finished  |  Genre: True Confessions  |  House: Booksie Classic

This is the journal entry of my close friend, Jared Lucas. Age 19. Written on the third of November, 2015. Jared has given me full permission to make this entry public, and we have editied the selection to remove personal matters. This entry inspired the couple in the new novel, "Blood may Fall." Thanks for reading!! :)

This entry was written on the third of November, 2015. Written by Jared Lucas, age 19. Personal matters have been removed. Selection has been kept in origional state.

Thank you for reading!! This entry was given to me to inspire the new novel, "Blood may Fall." Special and wonderful thanks sent to Jared. Thank you for letting me share this entry, and for inspiring me so much. Your an amazing friend!! :)




I saw something very VERY strange at work today.

A man walked in. He was tall, and wore glasses that seemed to go very well with his short, brown curly hair. But what really caught my attention was the girl he had his left arm wrapped around.

She was a tiny thing, bearly standing at the man's shoulder. She was thin, her pale face framed by a shiny sheet of long blond hair. She wore all black, and clung to her companion as though he were a life vessle. On colser inspection, I noticed that she was shaking from the cold that they had just escaped.

I approched the odd couple, saying hello and giving my name. They nodded politely to me. The man told me that his name was Curtis, and the girl he held was Evelyn.

I smiled at the girl, and she returned it with a tight, fake smile. I knew why, though. I'm usually not in the best mood when i'm cold either. I asked Curtis why she was so cold, and he just shurugged, claiming he had more natural body heat than she would, with her being so pale and thin. I sort of laughed, and I showed the couple where the air vent was so that Evelyn could get a little warmer. She expressed to me that she was very greatful someone like me worked here and understood what it was to be frezzing. I lughed at that.

Evelyn claimed her leg was hurt, so she sat on the floor, her back against the wall, whatching me a Curtis break the ice. I asked them where they'd come from, and why they were out.

Curtis told me that he had wanted to take Evelyn somewhere she loved, but he didn't have very many options since she was anti-social and he was basically her only friend. He told me that just two days before Evelyn had taken him out for a game of paint ball, and the week before that she'd taken him ice skating.

I sized the girl up while Curtis talked. She was young. Possibly no older than 16. I wondered what she was doing with this man, who looked to be alittle older than me. So finally I asked.

Curtis and Evelyn explained that they were almost a couple, but since her parents didn't approve of the relationship, they were both going to wait the three more years it would take for herr to turn 18. After which, all her parents bets were off.

Evelyn explained that they had been good and close friends for about 4 or 5 years before they started to feel 'other emotions get in the way of friendship'. From a distance, the nine and a half years of age difference meant a lot. People often found it creepy, and perverted.

But just from talking with these two for about five minutes, I could see that nothing in the realtionship could be considered wrong. They were not perveted. They spoke no foul words, ,and just from the way the two looked at eachother, you could almost feel the adoring love they had for eachother.

When Curtis helped Evelyn to her feet, I could see her pale cheeks brighten, and she looked like she couldn't be happier. The two thaked me for the use of the vent, and moved on.

I couldn't be more happy to meet the two. they had really shown me that age is more than a disstancing difference, It could be something that tied two people even more closely. It makes me wonder if I shouldn't start judging people less. If I hadn't spoken to the couple, I probably would have gone the rest of the day, frowing on the two, thinking about how sick and twisted the situation was. But because I did talk to them, I learned that it was more than a one night stand, and that the two honestly and truly loved one another.

Whatever it was, it made my day remarkable.

(End of entry)

The couple of Curtis and Evelyn has surprised me and continues to. Yet I've grown to love this cute little love story. And I would love to know what YOU as readers think. Is it really so wrong? should it stay in books, and in journals? or do you think that people's REAL feelings should over come the boundries of age?

Thanks again for reading, and for leaving me a comment on your thoughts!! :)

Submitted: November 30, 2015

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Kossettes Novellettes

Hello Owl. I left a comment pertaining to this story initially. But in all honesty I would rather not write that entire comment over since it got erased in the change over. So to sum it I'll simply say this it is better to be careful in those types of situations because whether you love someone or not real life is not as simple as following your affection and at some point it could irrevocable repercussions in which case you must ask yourself is it worth it and will it all be worth it in the end especially if the one younger than you has an entire life head of them. There are also a myriad of variables that should be looked at. Mainly when should the concept of age being just a number be another lie a diluted person tells themselves and when can one see the thought as romantic or common. Think of how long that older person was attracted to this younger girl during the elapsing of their time together. all in all as my opinion goes this issue is simply one that is an idea of simple perception and the elder directly inserted in the predicament as well as the parents should really be the one to think about all of the variables simply because they stand to face the brunt of the consequences. Now to answer the only question I feel I can answer (If I haven't already) I honestly do believe REAL feelings as you put should be controlled responsibly for many of the reasons I stated above because as initially said REAL life has consequences that are not played out as romantically as in reality and one of them may end up being that your "Lover" is not as wonderful as you may have pictured him out. He may not be your Romeo or Edward I guess I might say.

Sun, December 6th, 2015 7:01pm


Thank you so much for your opinion, K. Your right, as cute of a couple they may be, certain attractions can lead to certain bad places. I do think, however, that this couple was being responable with themselves. Let us hope they were. Thanks again, your opinion is appreciated. :)

Wed, December 9th, 2015 11:16am

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