Land Of Strange

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A weird, random story with randomness at every turn.

Submitted: May 25, 2009

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Submitted: May 25, 2009



A long, long time ago, deep in the plastic sewers of an enchanted forest made of cheese, a stepfather lived in a hut made of green jelly. One day he up to the forest and killed a chocolate cow for dinner, the cows blood is made up of red skittles and considered gourmet. The stepfather scattered the cow’s blood around a sleeping rubber duck, then he placed next to it to complete his perfect crime.

The next day the king sent a woodcutter named Ronald McDonald to kill the stepfather because the king found out about his crime. When Ronald McDonald got inside the stepfather’s house of jelly he was faced with an army of garden gnomes! Ronald McDonald killed all the gnomes that were throwing their hats at him but then garden gnomes with chainsaws and machetes took their fallen comrades place. By the time Ronald McDonald got rid of the 2nd wave of gnomes, there was some sort of mega-gnome standing between him and the back door. The mega-gnome had a chainsaw and a weed-hacker built into one arm and the other arms hand was gripping an oversized machete. Ronald McDonald dodged the first few attacks and then something weird happened, the mega-gnome’s belly opened up and garden gnomes armed with shovels came out and attacked him. Just then Ronald McDonald heard the front door slam shut and lock behind him. When Ronald McDonald defeated the gnomes the mega-gnome came charging at him, Ronald McDonald side-stepped and tripped the mega gnome over, it hit the ground with a big thud and blew up. Ronald McDonald ran out the back door but his head chopped off by the stepfather with a machete. The stepfather installed a high-tech security system, finished off his chocolate cow and lived happily ever after.

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