Out of the Frying Pan- Part One

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If you woke up in a strange place, what would you do? Would you give in to the insanity or fight for your life? Would you leave the frying pan and find yourslef in the fire?

This is my first book. Do not critize it to hard. Critisism is helpful but do remeber i am only 13 and am making my first story. Enjoy it. There is more on the way. :D

Submitted: January 21, 2013

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Submitted: January 21, 2013




Out of the frying pan- Part one

Running. I remember a lot of running. Then a blindingly bright green light. Then blackness. Nothing but blackness.

I awoke in the cold hospital bed covered in sweat. I looked around and found nothing familiar. I can hear nothing. Not the footsteps of the hospital workers or the screaming that comes out of me. Extreme pain is all I can feel. I have no memory of anything that happened except for useless bits of information like my favorite ice-cream flavor or the street I lived on as a kid. I try to get up and remove the tubes from my wrists but am instantly knocked out.

This continues for hours until a woman dressed in all white and blue slippers walks up to me. "How are you feeling Mr. Williams?" she says in a cold raspy tone. I honestly have to think for 5 minutes before I give her a response. At this point I am just happy I can hear. “I feel a lot of pain. Where am I?” I say in an equally as raspy voice. “Sir do you not remember?” She said calmly. I try to think back. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. “Ma’am I remember nothing” I say “except useless information that seems etched into my head”. She turned and talked to the young man behind her, I could only hear parts of their conversation. “Should we tell him…?” She whispers. “…Would be bad at this point” I pick up from the man.

After a few minutes the woman turns to me and says “Just do what the people say here and you will be free to go home”. This answered nothing to me. If I ever did get out where could I go? I don’t know where home is, never mind how to get there from wherever I am now! I then ripped the tubes out of my left arm. I started to work on the right when I was knocked out again.

I woke up yet again when the lights were out. I saw lots of blinking multi-colored lights on monitors and other strange technology. I, determined to get some answers, slowly removed the tubes from my arm. I expected to be knocked out by the strange liquid being flowed into my arm but managed to get the tubes out without trouble. I made my way down the endless dark corridors of the building, always making sure to be quiet. I did not plan on being knocked out again.

After what seemed like miles of corridors I saw a grand elevator and stepped inside it. I luckily knew how to use it. After hitting the button labeled B1, I felt the elevator slowly lower to the ground. When it opened I was immediately hit by the rays of light from the lobby. It was bright and buzzing. In my blue clothing I stuck out like a sore thumb. I knew the only option was to make it to the doors as fast as possible. Without thinking I bolted it for the doors. It only took a couple of seconds before I made it. I ripped the doors open and looked out on the horizon. I saw a great, unnaturally glowing yellow landscape right before I began to gasp for the air I knew wasn’t there. This definitely wasn’t Earth.


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Out of the Frying Pan- Part One

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