From The Sky

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Strange and surreal events seem to follow this poor ordinary boy.

This small town called Goderich, was an ordinary town, but nothing interesting would ever happen.  Minor events inside the town would occur that would be used to start a conversation, but nothing more.  Except this one poor boy would have strange events that would happen to him that were completely unexplainable.

Mark Adams an ordinary 14-year-old Japanese boy, except the adopted part that was a bit unordinary, who's only way to grasp the concepts of the day was to write this amazing yet unbelievable journal.  This journal would contain ever aspect of the day to help keep this poor boys mind sane.  Everything would be included, from the paranormal activities to the conversations he had. 


May 9th

Something very unordinary happened this day.  Something not right at all.


A single yellow umbrella dropped from the sky.  This confusing, yet extraordinary thing landed perfectly upright on my driveway.  Johnny, my fairly tall African American friend next door walked out of his house with the strangest expression on his face.  Every detail from the gaping hole of his mouth to the twitching of his eyes.  He came out asking where it had come from.  I stuttered and said it came from the sky.  Johnny out of disbelief glared at me, with a look of disgust. 

At that very moment a cone of light projected from the umbrella, pointing into the air.  In the centre of this small beam of light was a small human like face.  I fell to my knees in amazement.  Johnny on the other hand ran into his house, and watched in anticipation.  A booming voice came from the face.  And its exact words were.  Now this isn't right now is it?  Then in a blink of an eye the light dispersed back into the umbrella.  A flame then appeared below the umbrella.  Starring at the flame, my thoughts bounced around my mind wondering, what is this, what's going to happen, is this a dream?  Then in an instant it flew back into the sky.

Johnny walked out of his house astonished.  I tried to ask him what had just happened.  But all I heard was him mumbling to himself as he walked down the street.

My first reaction was to tell everyone what had just happened, but of course no one would believe me.  I then thought to myself, I must be going mad, there's no way an umbrella magically fell from the sky and have some sort of alien in it.  I then started forcing myself to think that this must've been a dream, I pinched myself over and over, nothing would happen.  The rest of the day I tried to concentrate on other things, sports, school, anything to cover up this phenomenon.  This must have been a total freak accident, or some sort of surreal dream.


May 10th


A normal Tuesday, took a shower, ate breakfast, gathered my books and walked to school.  When I got to school I knew people thought I was crazy, I truthfully never really cared.  Something strange happened and I just tried to pretend that it never happened.  I tried to act natural and not like some out of place lunatic. 

On my way to second class I saw Johnny, a bit awkward, but I tried to make some small talk.  I simply asked him what class he was going to and he just zoned out and mumbled math.  Johnny obviously saw what happened the other day, so I realized I can't be going crazy since he saw it too.  Or I could be so crazy that I'm convincing myself that Johnny saw it when really, he clearly hasn't and I started imagining events that don't actually happen, yet I think it has happened and am living in a world of my imagination. 

Oh my imagination, how I wish I could live in a world like that.  There would be super heroes, super villains and dinosaurs.  But what would a world of super heroes and dinosaurs be without aliens that use umbrellas for inter galactic transportation. 
Now after writing the above statement I truly think I have gone completely mad.  Or maybe I just had too many cans of pop today, but either way I have gone a bit insane.



May 11th

Well nothing unordinary has happened lately.  Except Johnny has been acting quite strange, almost paranoid.  I tried to as him what was going on, but he said nothing and walked away.  I decided it would be smart to ask his parents what he's been up too, and all they said was that he has been spending most of the time in his room.  I knew Johnny since I was little, actually we're pretty good friends, but I guess the whole umbrella incident spooked him.


May 12th


Something has happened again.  It wasn't an umbrella but something just as strange.  A little glass bottle tied to a small little parachute dropped in front of me.  There was a note inside of the bottle as well.  I really wasn't that amazed, but still, very surprised of what was happening in front of me.  Human instincts told me to open the bottle up and read it.  Stupidly I did this, but luckily no lights or any aliens came out of the bottle.  At the top of piece of paper it read:
Umbrella Transport Unit
Underneath there was a picture of an umbrella, with arrows pointing at it with strange words, it was basically gibberish.  Well I suppose this is nothing, probably some stupid kid pulling a prank on me.  I don't even know why I kept the dumb piece of paper.


May 13th

I can't concentrate.  Nothing makes sense, logic is gone.  Simple movements of my arm don't even make sense to me.  Gravity, movement, light, sound anything, none of it makes sense.  Everything, everybody, it just seems like it's all created from my own imagination.  Science doesn't even mean anything to me anymore; it feels like I can answer more things with magic than I can with science.


May 14th


A guinea pig ran past me today.  It wasn't really that strange besides the fact that it was running loose on the road, and the fact that it had a parachute tied behind it.  I continued walking, until I saw a little old man, with a tin foil cap yelling, Giblet!  Come back.  As he ran past me he looked back at me and said.  Oh you're the psycho!  I kind of did a face palm in embarrassment.  But kindly I suppose, he came back and said.  No not psycho, psycho, but psycho!  His last psycho was kind of said in an extended kind of a way.  Like someone trying to explain something to a person who doesn't speak great English.

The little old man just kind of plopped on the ground, and starting scribbling on a piece of paper.  One hand writing on his paper, the other one in the air with his index finger sticking out.  I assumed he wanted me to wait, so I did.  As soon as he finished he jumped back onto his feet and handed me the piece of paper, saying it should give me answers.  After that, he just scuttled of yelling Giblet.

One the piece of paper it wrote.


W is a letter.  And 2 is a number.  When combined it creates, w2.  Meaning something I'm not too sure about, but I'm sure it's important.

Things in life are not meant to be answered with science or logic, for science and logic do not exist.  To answer the questions in life, you must take two or more completely strange things and combine them.  After combing the two strange things, you are probably confused on what you just made.  But that's okay.
Example on why life sucks:

There once was a frog named Joe.  Joe hated everyone.  Everyone hated Joe.  Joe's community was a bunch of bugs.  Joe ate them.  Aliens found Joe.  Joe got owned.  Joe's body was thrown into the ocean.  Joes hates spread into our drinking water.  Joe made life suck.

This is a simple combination of frogs, life, suckiness and aliens.

Surprisingly, I found that it actually made sense to me.  It somewhat helps me answer the whole umbrella incident.  I can't exactly say why.


Submitted: September 21, 2007

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Amazing as always!
May 14th was very good, can't wait to read more.

Fri, September 28th, 2007 6:29am

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