The Missing Colors

Status: Finished

The Missing Colors

Status: Finished

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The Missing Colors The Missing Colors


Submitted: January 16, 2013

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Submitted: January 16, 2013



Agape liked to play with his pet Spynx,

Watching him turn colors like yellows and pinks.

One day Spynx lost his colorful cheer,

They had to find it before night time fell near.

They asked the Wornox, who pointed a path,

He said, “Ask the Morton”, who had seen it last.

When they asked the Morton he pointed the South,

He said the colors were last seen at the cave’s mouth.

From outside the cave they saw light from within,

They were afraid to enter, but Spynx said with a grin,

“If my color is in there we must show some power,

We will defeat any monsters, we cannot be cowards.”

Agape looked on as Spynx entered the cave,

It is possible, he thought, that I too can be brave?

He took the first step and from there it was easy,

He looked back and saw the Wornox and Morton looking queasy.

He held up his chin and caught up to his friend,

“You know,” he said “this could be the end.”

Spynx looked at him and stopped in this place,

Behind Agape were his colors, just floating in space.

Spynx walked up and stretched out his hands,

And the colors filled him, lighting him where he stands.

“The colors are speaking,” Spynx said, listening,

“They say they are sorry we thought they were missing,

They came searching to find why you don’t glow.”

Spynx started to wonder, but he didn’t know.

Agape smiled at him, with a grin so wide,

And said “That’s because my colors live on the inside,

If they were to come out thy would frighten even me,

For you see they tend to be bright as can be.”

Spynx and his colors led out of the dark,

But not before drawing a picture and leaving their mark.

Now whoever enters the cavern will see the rainbow glow,

They’ll think to themselves, and smile because they know

Someone is watching over them from wherever they are,

Because of their care love will stretch far.

Morton and Wornox welcomed them out of the cave,

Congratulating them on being so brave.

Spynx and Agape smiled at the secret they shared,

That the power of friendship will always be there.

© Copyright 2016 BreannaThe Lost. All rights reserved.

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