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Don't alway assume what you think they're feeling

Submitted: November 21, 2012

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Submitted: November 21, 2012



A boy and a girl.

(Girl) Sitting in my room alone, Wishing you were here. (Boy) Feeling all alone, I miss you my dear. (Girl) I messed up so much, You'll never come back. (Boy) I miss you so much, I'm having a heart attack. (Girl) Crumpled tissues by my bed I can't stop crying. (Boy) Empty bowl of popcorn by my head, I feel like I'm dying. (Girl) Untouched makeup, No one to impress. (Boy) Not even my Xbox can console me, My life is a mess. (Girl) You were in my life, And now I have nothing. (Boy) I used to be a player, But you're worth loving. (Girl) I didn't know what I had, Until it was gone. (Boy) I love you so much, I admit it I was wrong. I didn't know what i could have, Until I had you. (Girl) You were my other half, We are the perfect two. (Boy) I threw it all away, For just one day. (Girl) I'd forgive you if you let me, I miss you baby. (Boy) I messed it all up, For just a moment of pleasure. (Girl and Boy) I will always love you, Now and forever.

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