Imaginary Boyfriend.

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Sometimes we all just need a little imagination.

Submitted: November 21, 2012

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Submitted: November 21, 2012



I don't have a boyfriend. Ok I do. Don't laugh though. He's imaginary.

Ok So maybe you can't see him. He's really handsome. His name is Cole, and he's really tall. Not Micheal Jordan tall, but still whatever (Stick out Tongue)

He's really nice too. So what if he can't give me flowers, and feed me candy. He dreams with me, and I can hold him there. Cuddling and pigging out together. So what if he can't hold my hand down the street, he does something even better (wink)

He thinks with me. Helps me explore places I would never go. Every time I'm afraid, I always feel that little nudge at the back of my neck.

Ok ok I get it. You think I'm weird. So what? Cole is there for me. He makes me laugh. We have our own inside jokes, and we throw brain parties. Where you come as yourself, and where there is only intellectual people. People there to stimulate your mind. He's my king. Yes I can feel the jealousy in the room. Don't deny it. That's ok. I know he sounds amazing. He truly is. You can have your own internal man. Build your own perfect man. One that sees you in the morning and still likes you. One that smells your morning breath and still wants to kiss you. He wont cost you your dignity, and you always win the fights. But you can't take Cole, he's my special man.

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