Is that too hard?

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Sometimes you just wanna ask is it worth it? But you gotta ask yourselves is it really that hard to want all that? We deserve this and so much more...;)

Submitted: December 27, 2012

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Submitted: December 27, 2012



Sometimes all I really need is a good hug. I wish he'd text and tell me that it's me. The one he can't get off his mind, the one that engulfs his every thought. I want him to scoop me up and tell me he's scared to let me go because he doesn't want me to run away. I want him to kiss me crying while whispering sweet nothings in my ear telling me that I'm his whole world. I want him to be corny and say things like I want to tell the whole world I love you then whisper it in my ear and when I ask him why he whispered it for him to say that I am his whole world. I very much want snuggle feasts and play wrestling where he'd let me win and sometimes let me loose so he can kiss the pout off my lips. I want my heart to ache when I'm not with him and explode with happiness when my fingers graze his skin. I want him to savor our kisses. Kissing me with longing. The days pass by so fast and I want the times to go on forever. I in his arms, us watching a movie but not really paying attention because we are too engrossed in each other. That's all I want. Simple loving. Is that too hard?

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