To Love a Misfit: Tag Team contest (Part 3)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Aiden is skepical about the new school year. how will this new change affect everyone around her?








Aiden had no clue about where Cain was taking her. He was very unpredictable, and it was likely he was taking her to the least expected place.

Cain didn’t say a word as they went, not answering any of her questions. After a while Aiden sighed in defeat. Cain did take surprises seriously.

All of a sudden Cain stopped in front of a pizza shop. Aiden looked at him in surprise.


“Please don’t tell me this is your surprise” she said, rolling her eyes.

“Well its not. I’m just hungry” Cain said, staring at her like she was crazy.

Before she could say anything else he pulled her inside the shop. He ordered a cheese and sausage pizza (their favorite) but for a weird reason he didn’t eat it there.

“I thought you were hungry” Aiden asked

“I am. But the pizza can wait”

Cain was definitely acting extremely weird. Cain usually attacks his food as soon as it is placed in front of him. This was the first time Cain would put food away for later, especially when he was hungry.


As they strolled through the town, Aiden chuckled to think about how weird they looked together in the eyes of others- two tall lean teenagers with their eccentric outfits and unusual hair, with the taller one holding the girl with one hand and a box of steaming hot pizza in the other. They were indeed something to look out. She decided to share her thoughts with Cain.

“Baby doll you know how I feel about any opinion that isn’t yours” Cain said, smirking.

Aiden rolled her eyes, trying hard to hide her smile. Cain had always said that her opinions and views are the only ones he ever considered outside his own. He found other opinions and views irrelevant and ‘fake’, if she was to put it in a more appropriate manner.


Soon Cain had passed a lot of stores and familiar places they both used to hang out.

 All the places Aiden had mentally listed had been crossed out.

Except the park.

As Cain turned to the street where the park was located, she tried to come up with a retort which involved how unoriginal Cain was to have thought of the park as a surprise place when there was no place in the park they had not explored together. 

Just as she was halfway finished with her retort, she realized that Cain had passed the park.

After walking a little and finding herself walking through an unknown neighborhood, she found herself stopping with Cain in front of a large field. The grass was low, so it looked like more like it was a vivid green carpet. A few colorful flowers popped their head up in random places on the field. The scenery was peaceful to look at.

Aiden took a deep breath and sighed. She loved the smell of freshly cut grass.


“Who owns this place?” she asked as she walked with him to a large grass that was in the centre of the field. It was the only tree in the field.

“Dunno. Just some field I found yesterday” he said placing the pizza box on the grass.

“You don’t care that we might be trespassing on private property” Aiden said, placing both her hands on he r hips.

“Of course I don’t.” Cain said as he pulled something that lay hidden behind the tree.

It was his old backpack- Aiden recognized it from her freshman year. It was the first thing she noticed about him- after his height. She chuckled as memories came flooding back. He opened the backpack and brought out some old blankets, wrapped sandwiches and six cans of Dr. Pepper.

He spread the blankets and stretched out on it. He smiled at Aiden who looked at him in shock.

“Care to join me?” he asked in a teasing voice, patting the blanket. “There’s a room”

Aiden didn’t move. She just stared at him, her mouth slightly open.

He rolled his eyes and pulled her arm, causing her to fall on his lap.


“Isn’t that much better” his breath warming her neck as he whispered in her ear. She blushed a little, making him chuckle. His voice seemed huskier than usual.

“I don't understand… all of this” Aiden said slowly, finding her voice as she reluctantly tried to get off Cain’s lap. But his firm grip on her arm stopped her. She sighed in defeat

“What’s not to understand?” he asked as he pulled loose strands of her hair from her face lazily. Aiden swallowed loudly. Cain could be very flirty, but just to tease her. This wasn't the first time they were this close. So why was she feeling very nervous?


“I found this spot while taking a walk yesterday. I thought it was the perfect place to chill for the both of us today. Had to come here early enough to stash the stuff behind the tree. I thought I would be bringing you here. But well, we got here a lot earlier than I anticipated.” He explained, chuckling a little at the last bit.

Aiden just smiled and the grabbed the nearest can of Dr. Pepper.

Cain was indeed full off surprises.

Submitted: July 19, 2011

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It's very good:D Gonna have to put in the ending though, don't I D:

Tue, July 19th, 2011 7:17pm



Wed, July 20th, 2011 3:41am



Man :O It's so cute! Please let me know when the next part is posted!

Tue, July 19th, 2011 11:56pm

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