Forbiden Affair

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NYU student falls in love with her teacher, naughty naughty ;)

(My first story as well)

Submitted: December 27, 2010

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Submitted: December 27, 2010



It was half way through the term at NYU, stoked I was still top of my class, but that all changed the minute he sat behind me in my mathematics advanced class. 


Room CA13 with Mr Franks staring at us from behind his desk our front, it creped us out sometimes. All you could see and feel was his black piercing eye embedding themselves into you as you worked.


RING, RING!  The bell went to signal for class to begin, l had music studies next, but I couldn’t get my locker opened. When I finally did I bolted down the hall trying not to drop anything when BANG! CRASH! BOOM! I was on the floor with the guy from my mathematics class standing in front of me, extending his hand to help me up.


At this point, I didn’t know what I would be getting myself into by taking his hand.


As he helped me to my feet I was memorized by the soft touch of his hands and the way his hair swayed as he smiled at me.


When I gathered my books off the floor he offered to walk me to class, seeing as we were heading in the same direction I thought what the heck.


He swung open the door, smiled politely and gestured for me to go inside; my first thought was “Oh my god, a cute guy is actually being nice to me!”


As soon as I took my seat I looked up to only realise that the cute guy from the hallway was actually my new Music Teacher. For the whole lesson I sat and began contemplating how is this possible? How could a young, goo looking guy, who potentially crashed into me to then only help me back up be my TEACHER!


After class ended I waited behind to talk to him, mainly to say thank you for helping me off the freezing cold, wet floor but to also ask, why he was sitting in a maths class, with the students looking so inconspicuous, why not just bang the door down, stomp in rant and rave at us for no reason like every other teacher in this school.


As I approached him he smiled so all I could think about were the butterflies in my belly. He offered me a chair and began to explain his actions.


“I only sat in the room with the students, just so I could get a feel of the teaching methods they use here” it did explain a lot though I think I may have been distracted as he took his jacket off and tussled his hair lightly.


As we were talking I exclaimed I have a free period next so he suggested we go out for lunch, in the cafeteria of course. It felt kinda awkward as I was having lunch with a teacher, we sat and talked for two whole hours, he spoke about where he came from and how he got to be teaching at NYU after a while we fell silent and he began to ask about me, where I grew up and why I study Music at NYU, what my life ambitions were. Right before the bell went he lent over his chair and said “I really enjoyed lunch, look for to seeing you in class”.



Two weeks later in the class room, in the hallway we never spoke to one another just stared into each other’s eyes as we walked past. At the end of the lesson he was handing out the homework for the night and without anyone noticing he slipped me a note saying “Meet me after school down by the lake at 5”, I didn’t know what to think I couldn’t think because I was surprised and excited about tonight’s meeting.


I didn’t know what time I should get there, he did say that I should get there at about 5 but I thought that maybe I should be the first to arrive or just wait in behind bushes and wait till he does. I got there at about 4:03 ish and there he was, an early bird standing at the edge of the lake wearing  long black waist coat as the wind blew softly but swiftly threw his hair.


As I approached him I somehow managed to slip over on the unbelievably smallest rock and fell ass first to the ground. I felt a slight sensation of déjà vu as the oh so familiar hand of Dan Samuels was extend once more to help me to my feet, again, “Making a habit of this I see” he said with a distinguish smirk across him face.


Obviously he finds my falling over quit amusing, he then proceeded to lead me to the closest park bench, sat me down and explained “I asked you here because I need to make it clear that whatever feelings you may have for me have to stop immediately”. I looked at him as if to say ‘excuse me?’ I honestly felt like walking away then and there but all I could come up with was the words “Mr Samuels you’re my teacher, nothing more nothing less ok”. He smiled nodded his head to gesture he understood and pleaded that it was getting late and I had homework due tomorrow.


For the next month I made it my task to sit up the back of the classroom so if Mr Samuels was to look at me he would have to be standing on his tippy toes. I didn’t even speak to him unless it was absolutely necessary in a class discussion otherwise nothing happened between the two of us which is exactly what he wanted, well at least I thought it was.


Later that evening I heard a loud thud at the door muffled under the intense music that was blaring in my ear, it was my Mum coming to tell me I had a visitor downstairs waiting for me, I figured it would only be my friend Jenna coming to return my workbooks but was I wrong.


When I got down stairs the first thing I saw to my disbelief was Mr Samuels having a polite convocation with my father about football. So here’s my situation, I’m standing at the bottom of the stairway wearing my PJ’s with a look of shock horror spread across my face as Dad and Mr Samuels stare at me with smiles across theirs, probably because I was after all wearing my favourite fluffy bunny singlet and boxers.


“Thanks again for the tips Harry, I’ll remember to use them next time I play”, he said as I pulled him into the next room once we were alone he smiled and laughed at me, “Since when do teachers make house calls hmmm?” he quickly Shhh me with his finger, “I told them am one of your fellow class mates” he said looking proud of himself seeing as he fooled my parents because you have to admit he is young and good looking.


I told him to wait in the corridor as I get changed so we can go and talk somewhere else, maybe at the cafe around the corner. It was 5:15 so it wasn’t too late to be having a hot chocolate, as soon as we arrived he insisted that he pay for it seeing as it was his idea, ‘Hayley’s cafe’ was my favourite place but Mr Samuels sort to get down to business.



“You’ve been avoiding me haven’t you” he exclaimed with a look of seriousness on his face, “No not really Sir” trying not to smile or laugh and give away that I was lying “Yes you have!” he snapped back at me “I thought you enjoyed having our little talks during breaks”, “I do! But you practically told me not to speak to you anymore because of the fact that you’re my teacher and nothing more” I felt bad because I had just yelled at him in a way but without even thinking I stormed out of the cafe.


I didn’t even make it half way round the corner until I felt a pair of firm hands clasp me from behind, spin me around and like the speed of light he pressed lips upon mine and we were now in a firm embrace as he passionately kissed me, “Stuff the rules, stuff the fact that I’m your teacher I can’t just dismiss the feelings I have towards you” and with that he kissed me once more and walked me home, I will never forget that moment.


The next morning I was looking forward to actually going to school seeing as I had music studies for two periods in a row, my Mum said to me ‘who are you and what have you done my baby girl’ because for the first time in years I actually cooked breakfast, bacon and eggs to be exact.  I normally just skip breakfast and head straight to ‘Hayley’s Cafe’ and order a hot chocolate to go.


With an amazing effort I managed to make it through first period I dread Ancient History because in the class there’s always the weird kid that sits up in the front corner making love letters to all the girls in the year and stuff them in the lockers during lunch, he wrote me a poem telling me about how much he loves my hair.


RING! Finally I was one step closer to the class of my dreams, metaphorically but as I sat down in the court yard for break I felt calm because a spiralling sensation of honey comb was swiftly dancing through the air. TAP! TAP! The heavy motion of a hand on my shoulder made me jump and scared the crap out of me, it was Dan oops sorry Mr Samuels, I went to say hello but before I could say anything he shoved papers and books into my hand, he said “Your grades are inside the book and that’s your extra credit work” and walked off I was a little confused but realised it’s probably all an act because people were looking at us.


As class began I walked past his desk to say hello but he didn’t even acknowledge me so I sat down and got on with my work. The lesson ended but as I was walking out to the door he closed it before I came within even one foot of it and said “I can explain”. He was only able to stop me because I took so dam long to pack up my things, “There’s nothing to explain”, “Well I think there is” he snapped back at me “Sorry, I didn’t mean to I’ve been a little edgy around you because I don’t want people to catch on about us”, “So there’s an official us is there now?”.


He slumped back into his chair with a face that looks ready to blurt out a confession, he gestured for me to sit next to him “I don’t care about anything else and I would like there to be an us that’s if you want to” I actually couldn’t believe what I was hearing because he was admitting that he wants to be with me but if I wasn’t ready he wouldn’t push anything.


It’s not very often that you come across the perfect guy who is willing to wait for you and I have to admit that over the month that we didn’t converse my feelings towards him did grow so I couldn’t just let him slip through my fingers no way.


It’s now been four and a half weeks since we got together without anyone knowing of course, because if anyone was to catch on we would be in serious trouble.


We’ve been on a few dates to out of town cinemas and just the little things like outings to the country side on a weekend for a picnic, he wrote me a song with lines saying that he loves the way the slow blowing breeze hugs my soft tender skin, I almost cried when he finished.


Halfway through the day I felt dead tired from talking to Dan all night until two in the morning, it wasn’t until during the lunch break I was sitting in the court yard I got a perk of excitement when he walked past me and inconspicuously handing me a note stuck to the front of a book. I saw him smiling just a little as he walked off and it was at that moment I felt truly scared as Kristy one of the ‘popular’ girls saw what had happened from across the yard.


I figured there was no point in staying here so I packed up all my things but as I predicted Kristy came walking straight towards me with an expression of ‘I know what just happened here’. “Becoming a teachers close pet I see” “He was only returning my workbook, you know that thing that teachers do when they’ve finished marking it”, of course I said it with a sarcasm in my voice”Yeah but don’t the teachers usually do that when all the students are together in class, not in special individuals visits” she seemed proud of her come back, snapped her fingers and walked off with a bunch of girls following her. It felt like high school all over again.


 That afternoon Dan came around to my place he gave my parents the excuse that we were working on an assignment together, so we just headed up stairs and talked for ages but that was put on pause when I thought I might as well be a good hostess and get him a drink. Pouring out the drinks was startled when my dad came up behind me and whispered in my ear “I like this boy, he’s a keeper”  I let out a little laugh, kissed him on the cheek then head back up stairs only to find him editing my English Essay


As our relationship grew I began to get tired of all the sneaking around I just wanted to be in him arms 24/7.


It was about 3 in the morning and I was still talking to Dan, he was telling me of this great plan he had, and that it involved just the two of us going away for the weekend and spending quality time together out in the open with no worries about anyone we know seeing us.


In class he handed me another note with all the details on it saying that he was going to take me to a fancy resort on the edge of the next town and he bought me some new clothes and packed them all in his car ready so we could leave that afternoon straight after school.


For the rest of the lesson all I could think about was me, Dan at the resort alone together but fortunately for me I didn’t’ have to imagine for much longer as the bell was due to ring at any minute. I looked up and began to laugh a little because Mr Samuels was standing at the head of the class preaching about treble clefs and bass lines but my day dreaming was sadly cut short with an n interruption from one of the office ladies knocking very loudly on the door. She peeped round to say “Excuse me Mr Samuels but your fiancé on the phone for you”................


Fiancé, FIANCE! As soon as I heard that word I just froze, I couldn’t breathe I saw Dan look at me before he left out the door in a hurry but I couldn’t stay there any longer, “he keep the new clothes” I thought aloud but nobody heard me they never do, I placed my arm on the edge of my desk and just swept it across the table top and ploughed my books into my bag got up and stormed out the door.


When I got home I made up an excuse for my parents that I had finished my classes early today, I turned to my father and told “If Dan Samuels ever comes here again tell him he is no longer welcome and don’t want to see him” and with that I ran upstairs crying planning to hide in my room until it was over.


Even when my mum came up to give me my all time favourite dessert and the new Paramore Album, I couldn’t bring myself to smile or lift my head off my tear soaked pillow. As I thought he would Dan came knocking on the front door, I could hear him trying to reason with my father down stairs but after a few muffled words all I could hear was my father shouting “How dare you, you have the nerve to come here even after you made my baby girl cry because of you she won’t come out of her room for god sake, just leave and don’t come back of Samuels I hope your happy”. The door slammed shut and with the help of a miracle I was able to fall asleep.


It’d been a week since I went to uni, I hadn’t moved from that one spot on my bed but I came to the conclusion that I had to get up one day otherwise they would kick me out of the school. Got up had a shower skipped breakfast and just walk in silence towards the uni buildings a couple of blocks down, as I turned the corner to head into ‘Hayley’s Cafe’ I saw his car parked out front, I thought that if I cross the street now maybe he won’t notice me at first he didn’t he was too busy trying to get run down by the cyclists passing by.


Unfortunately my genius plan didn’t work because he eventually spotted me and began to chase me down, I quickened my pace trying to run away but just as I did he extended his arm and grabbed me. “I am so sorry can you just please let me explain” I was able to squirm free of his grasp “I was going to tell you I swear” “Yeah, you were going to tell me when huh? On the night of our5 month anniversary no doubt, which might I just point out was yesterday!”


I didn’t want to hear anything he had to say, but I couldn’t help but hear the last words he then proceeded to shout out from behind “I LOVE YOU!” of course this statement made me turn round “I Love You” he just kept repeating it over and over until we were finally once again face to face, closer than before.


My mind was saying “walk away now he’s a jerk a user and a player and for heaven’s sake he has a fiancé” were as on the other hand my heart was screaming “KISS HIM NOW BECAUSE YOU LOVE HIM TOO!!!” I didn’t know which one to follow but before I could make any decision he had softly placed lips upon mine in a most passionate kiss.


It began to spit rain so we headed back to the cafe and ordered some hot chocolate like the first time we were there together and as the thunder crashed it sounded like a Morse code message “The one who makes you cry isn’t worth your tears, but the one who doesn’t is”.


We sat there in silence for a few minutes I figured if I don’t start up a conversation the silence will just continue “When were you going to tell me then?” “When I thought the time was right” he said this with a hesitant voice “So you weren’t expecting a call from your fiancé at any point in time?” the room fell silent as the last customer had left and now it was just the two of us, the pitter patter sounds of the rain against the window grew louder as the rain storm became more fierce.


“The last time I heard let alone saw her was 14 months because it was exactly 14 months ago that she wanted to call the whole thing off” his fingers were fiddling and twiddling on the table as he continued to explain “14 months ago she had come home from work early sat me down and told me she wanted to call off the engagement because she had fallen in love with another”.


It all started to piece together as he kept on explaining what had happened and how he ended up teaching at the uni. As soon as he finished I didn’t know what to think or even what to say I just sat there silent.


In a matter of seconds Dan had gotten up swung open the door and headed out into the rain “Wait! I’m sorry, for what happened it just caught me by surprise that’s all” it was hard trying to talk with the rain beating down on my lips as I spoke “It’s my fault she left me, wanna know why, because I accused her of having an affair with one of her colleges” at this point I felt really bad for him and I thought he was crying but I couldn’t tell with all the rain sliding down his cheek.


5 minutes went by it felt more like only a couple of seconds when he turned around and held me close to him “I felt like I could never love again after that but it wasn’t until I met you that finally felt whole again and even though it was against my better judgement and the law every day I got to know you better every day my feelings for you got stronger and I now have to courage to say I Dan Samuels love you with all my heart”


Before he could even say another word my arms were around him and our lips had come together in lifelong passionate kiss that was never ending, as the rain was coming down on us he knew that I love him too.

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