Jayson: The Dark Angel Chronicle

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Something that came from inspiration... This is what happens when your love breaks your heart!

Submitted: December 27, 2007

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Submitted: December 27, 2007



I ran out of my house, looking up at the dark, smoky-blue sky. I squinted my silver-grey eyes to try and make out if I was actually seeing what I thought I was seeing in the sky, or if my eyes were just playing tricks on me. My barefoot feet were pacing up Winfield, trying to make it to the telephone pole. I whipped my deep chocolate hair out of my face and started climbing the hooked steps of the pole, all the way to the very top. I cupped my hand over my eyes, trying so hard not to use my special vision.

It was them! I knew it. I could almost hear them calling to me from the skies above. They were so high that I could barely see their graceful bodies flowing in the high atmosphere. How I wish I could join them! I scratched the back of my shirt, thankful that I had another top underneath it. I smiled and raised a hand to the crisp air. Some returned my gesture right back to me. How much longer till he arrived?

They were all magnificent. Strong faces... Delicate bodies...and the most elegant wings ever to behold the earth. Their wings were midnight black. Graciously reaching the size of an eagle's (and feathered like one too). The women were clothed in dark violet gowns while the man were dressed in robes. They rode the skies barefooted, the royalty with golden rods in their hand, the children flying with eachother, as the did every year. It was fall, migration season. The time when the faeries would travel to their winter home in the sky, floating in the south. 

I couldn't take it anymore! I could feel their stares from above, focusing me in by turning their stare into Hawk Mode. Their green-filmed eyes with gold gadgeted through it winded its way to see me closer.

"If Kenz doesn't come soon, I'm gonna go up there myself," I whispered to myself. How I've missed the faeries since I was forced into this human society. I just had to be such a rebel. King Dreydon wouldn't tolerate my behavior after I kept fooling around, showing myself to humans (yeah...humans aren't suppose to know about us). I finally saw a strong-bodied figure magnify. It was floating down toward the telephone pole. A handsome boy of the age of eighteen swooped himself right up to me and kissed my lips, long and passionately.

"I heard that someone is turning their sweet sixteen," the boy smiled, taking me into his hands and lifting me into the air.

"You are correctly informed, sir, but this girl can fly on her own," I pushed myself out of Kenz's grip and broke open my wings, ripping my first shirt in the back. I raced into the clouds above, knowing that this was the only day of the whole entire year that I was allowed to do so. Kenz followed me as I landed my jeaned legs on a cloud, sinking my polished fingers into the wet dew of it. Kenz lay next to me, gazing at the faeries that were headed south still forty feet above us. I placed myself between his arms, about to ask the same question I ask every single year on my birthday.

"Kenz," I began, "Do you think your father will ever let me come back into the North Faerie Society?"

Kenz pulled out his golden rod (with the prince embelishment on it) from his back. He tossed it into midair a few times.

"I mean, I don't mind the family he placed me with. The Tetherson's are alright, but I miss the faeries! I miss my family! I miss you..." I ran my hand against Kenz's cheek. And with that, Kenz pulled himself on top of me, making us fall through all the clouds. I held onto him, laughing as he did. We kept falling, and falling until we almost hit the ground. We spread our wings and landed gracefully. Kenz looked deeply into my eyes, placing his hands on my face. I wanted time to freeze. Freeze at that moment of happiness. When all I had to do was be with Kenz. Not having to think of the chaos of the human world. I was so sick of my exsictence with them! I would never cause havic to them again if I could go back to the N.F.S. 

"I miss sneaking into the palace and seeing you," I sighed into Kenz's ear.

"I miss you more than anything, Jayson," Kenz replied, still frozen in his previous position. "But my father will never let you back."

I pushed him off and walked to the end of the road, so aggrevated with my life. I had a boyfriend that I only got to see once a year, I was an orphan, and I couldn't even be with my own people!  I just could-uh! I JUST COULDN'T STAND IT!!!! Kenz finally gave me a clear answer, an answer that I had never gotten in my years with the humans. There wasn't even a purpose for me to stay at the Tetherson's.

"G'bye Kenz..." I whispered, tears whelling in my eyes. And with that, I spread my feathery wings and took off in the pinkening sunrise, the opposite way of the faeries. They were all staring at me as I flew past them into the destination they had come from. I was done! With the faeries...with Nevada...and, sadly, with my best friend and boyfriend, Kenz...


*~Ten YearsLater~* 

"I need 526 seats for the reception Carla," a hot-shot wedding planner told her assistant. "By tomorrow."

"Yes Miss Enders," Carla squeeked, copying down this information into her planner. Miss Enders's phone rang.

"Oh my gosh! This better not be Jen with another wedding offer. I have 11 to do just this month," groaned Enders to Carla. "Talk to me. Yes, Jen, it's me. What? Smith cancelled? And Thompson? AND PARKINS? Kelly cheated? And John ran away with the florist, huh. Penelope is already married? Well, at least I get paid still...Do I have any other jobs then? One? I'll take it, just give me the address and name. Okay-Carla give me a pen-got it. Alestria? That's her name? Lark Alestria? Okay... Meet her at a hotel? Got it! Thanks Jen. Come on Carla, we have got a new client."

Miss Enders and Carla hurried to catch a cab (hard to get in the country area of New York) to the city. 

"Holiday Inn, New York City please," Carla said to the taxi driver. Carla made many calls in the cab while Miss Enders organized the seating charts for all of their weddings. It was quite a hectic job, especially for Miss Enders who had to do all the deal making and verbal representation.

"Here you are m'ams," the driver told the women in the back seat. They both got out into the breezy late summer air, taking in the sun's warmth.

"It's almost autumn Miss Enders," Carla nudged, "and you know what that means."

"What?" Enders replied distractedly as they walked up the stairs of the Holiday Inn entrance.

"Um...let me see..your birthday!" exclaimed Carla, entering the hotel and going up to the desk. "Room for Ms. Alestria?'

"Oh...that," Miss Enders said, taking in directions to the room they were headed for and headed towards the elevator to go to it. "Well, I don't like to talk about it."

"You never do! You never want a party at all! C'mon, you're gonna be 26! And your still single..."

Ding! The elevator came to a halt on floor 8. The two women walked out of the door, puncturing the hall's carpet with their high heels until they reached room 112. Carla knocked on the door, flipping her platinum-blonde-in-a-bottle hair over her right shoulder, adjusting her top a lot, and waited for Miss Enders to do the same. She, however, took her extremely long brunette hair into her hands and swayed it to her back, hunched her top in the back a little, and rubbed her finger on her teeth to make sure they were spotless.

"What?" She said as Carla stared strangely at her. "Not all of us want to flaunt ourselves!"

"Whatever..."Carla said, and at that, the door opened.

"Are you Ms. Alestria?" Miss Enders asked. The women at the door was about her age. She was to-die-for beautiful. She had honey glazed eyes, a spakling smile, but seemed to be wearing a rather ugly looking poncho that was twice her size.

"Yes I am," the women said. "You must be Miss Enders. Thank you so much. Your secretary said you probably couldn't take my wedding. Oh, I'm so excited!"

Miss Enders and Carla entered the rather big hotel room. It was messy, wedding items and clothes dranged the floor all around them.

"Come," Lark Alestria said. "Come sit."

They all took a seat in the hotel's living room. Ms. Alestria sat in a chair while the wedding planners sat on the couch opposite of her.

"So tell me Lark, can I call you Lark?" Enders asked.


"So Lark," Enders got her pen and wedding layout sheet already to be filled out. "Tell me what kind of direction you want the wedding to go in? Do you have a theme?"

"Well I really love the colors blue and-"

"I'm sorry," Carla interupted, "but is someone in the bathroom?" 

Everyone became quiet to hear that the shower was running.

"Oh, yes. My fiance is taking a...um..shower? That's what I think you call them," Lark said, looking rather confused.

"You don't take showers?" Carla looked shocked.

"Where we are from, we can only take baths. We don't really have a showering system like yours."


 "Okay, back to the wedding," Enders proclaimed, trying to get them back on track. "So you really like blue, Lark?"

"Yes. I really wanted the theme to be blue and white. I really love the sky and the clouds," Lark said, listening to the shower go off. "Oh, I think m fiance's done. Let me go get him to meet you two."

Lark ran off in the direction of the bathroom, giving Enders and Carla time to talk.

"Bizarre women," Carla whispered to her boss, swishing her hair back and ruffening her shirt (she didn't think there was any use of it).

"It's like she's from Mars or something," replied Ender, doing the very opposite with her appearence. She looked over her layout sheet. The only thing that was filled in was the theme: Blue and White.

Lark came rushing back into the room, quickly sitting down like she was in a hurry.

"Ladies, I would like to present to you my future husband! You can come out sweetie."

A handsome, wet man who was in a long white robe came into the room, looking slightly embarassed.

"I hope you don't mind that he's in a robe," Lark said.

"Not at all!" cried Carla, adjusting her hair and top all over again. "He is just adorable, Lark. Isn't he adorable Miss Enders? Miss Enders?"

But Miss Enders was completely frozen, staring non-stop at the man that had just walked into the room.

"Kenz!" Enders exclaimed. "Is that you? Oh my gosh! What are you-"

"Jayson?" the man looked like he was in utter shock. Before anything else happened, Jayson got up and raced straight toward Kenz. When she reached him, all she could was kiss him. She kissed him so hard, so passionately, that Kenz could only accept it. 

"What the heck are you doing lady! That's my fiance!"

Finally (more like after coming to his senses), Kenz pushed Jayson off of his lips.

"Um, Honey, I'm gonna need a minute with Jayson alone," Kenz told Lark. He took Jayson's arm and pulled her into the hallway, outside of their suite.

"What were you thinking! I'm engaged! You can't go kissing me- Oh my gosh I can't believe-Where to begin," Kenz put a hand to his head, grasping that he was way over his head. For so long he had hoped to see her again, to make sure that she turned out alright...To win her back! But everything was so different now.

"I can't believe it's you Kenz. Sorry, you know I can't help myself! I've never, not at all have stopped loving you. It's just-"

Kenz interupted her, "I know we had something teriffic in the past, but you broke my heart that day. You made me move on."

"What happened? What happened to you after I left?"

"Tell me what happened to you first. I've been so worried about you," said Kenz.

Jayson tried to hold back her tears. "I went to New York, well obviously. Got in trouble with these kids. Started stealing cake out of a wedding planning shop. I got caught by the owner, but instead of turning me in, she gave me a position as an apprentice. I started working my way up, and now I have my own company: 'Enders's Way of Weddings'"

"Enders?" Kenz huffed.

"Well, you know I didn't know my last name since my parents died when I was a baby!" Jayson replied. "Now tell me, what happened to you?"

"I didn't get over you for quite some time. It felt like you were dead! I would hate to go by our favorite spots, or even sit on my throne chair and look in the balcony. Remember when you would hide up there when we were nine, and we would play tricks on the court? Of course you do. Then my father died, leaving the Faerie kingdom in my hands. You know I never wanted to be King! I was 20 when that happened. I was at my very peak of depression, nothing, I thought, would bring me joy ever again. But then, Lark moved to the N.F.S. from the West Faerie Society. She was just so different from my world. She was so fierce, so well-minded, she changed my life...you know what I mean?"

"She seems like a total blunt to me," Jayson said with a chuckle, tears streaming down her face. "But now I'm here! I'm back and ready to continue us. I want you to come with me. Leave things behind and run away with me."

"Jayson! You're not understanding," Kenz was frustrated. "My life is exactly where I want it to be! You did that. You made me get over you."

"What? You're gonna have to make this more clearer to me. I'm just so confused, and-" Jayson trailed off, lowering her face to the floor.

"What I'm saying is," Kenz took Jayson's chin and pulled it up so they could look at eachother eye-to-eye, "that I don't love you Jayson, not anymore."

Tears were now raining down her blotchy face as she pulled herself once again from Kenz's grasp. She turned to the end of the hallway where a big window closed it off.

"I want you to know Kenz, that for as long as I shall live, I will always love you. Even when my whole world is as blue as those clouds that morning, I will always love you..." With that, Jayson ran to the end of the hall, running...running, until she ran right through the window, spreading her wings out into the open atmosphere.

"Jayson!" Kenz ran to the broken window, traces of blood hanging on its shattered pieces.

Several weeks later, the news got word of a new villian loose in the city, one who stopped at nothing to get what she wanted. She stole, she fought, she killed. She was the worst thing that happened to the city. The press named her Dark Angel, because of her dark wings that she got away on. Many that have witnessed her attacks haven't made it through the night, without an encounter with a horrific death.

"...she rides into the night on her dark feathered wings, preaching that undying love cause her heart to turn black..."

And so I end the story of the most violent, the most bood thirsty evil villian of our time...

Jayson the Dark Angel







© Copyright 2020 Breettey Skye. All rights reserved.

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