Tele what ? by breezelrae

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so I just started this story after Watching a supernatural episode about telepathic psychic /telekinesthic (esp) and thought this could be interesting to write about so its about these boys called zak and zaiden and they are 99 percent identical they both find out that they have telepathic abilities (which is pretty common in twins if your really identical :P)anyway they discover that they have a role in protecting Alexa and Alena who are also twins but totally different to them even though they are 99 percent identical too .they find out that they have telekinesthic powers (able to move objects with there minds ) something that is really unique in the world they live in. but are they meant to use the powers to protect or kill the other twins ?when they find out that they've been up to and A vampire who claims 'all vampires are good 'or is he out to kill ? what will Happen when the Destiny they were told isn't what it seems....and that it is the Beginning of something More that even there destiny can't help them with and really how important are both sets of twins to the world ?????..

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Submitted: August 14, 2009

PERFECT SYMMETRY His hand on My chest mine on his. I closed My eyes .. PERFECT SYMMETRY We were like Mirror images If... Read Chapter

Chapter 1: Being a Twin!

Submitted: August 14, 2009

Chapter 1:Being a twin "Zak,Zaiden "I heard our names being called as I woke turning towards my brother his eyes locking mine ',it wa... Read Chapter

Chapter 2:Alexa's and Alena's first day Alexa's Pov!

Submitted: August 17, 2009

Chapter 2:Alena's And Alexa's First day.. Alexa's pov(point of view) The Dark room gave me shivers..'damn alena' I thought as i l... Read Chapter

Chapter 3 :friends to count on..

Submitted: August 20, 2009

Chapter 3;Friends to count on.. "Zak"I heard My name being called and Turned to see the Pale bluey green eyes that i Liked .'ALexa' i... Read Chapter