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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

“I can’t drive anymore, papa, I just can’t, I’m really sorry!” Shantal replied almost crying. “O darling, it’s ok, we can just sit here for a few minutes and try to get everything straight. Wait, why don’t you come back here and comfort your mother and I’ll drive, ok?” Shantal got into the back of the car and wrapped her arms around her mother and sat there crying with her mother. Soon, they got home, and when they got home, it was already one in the morning. Nobody could sleep at all. Dan stayed in bed with Marge in bed throughout the night with his arms wrapped around his wife, comforting her, telling her everything’s going to alright, telling her they’d somehow get through all of this. Eventually, at around five in the morning, Dan and Marge went to sleep.

“MOM!! MOM!!”Shantal screamed as she ran up the stairs, “Somebody’s just shot Robbie!!!”
“WHAT?!?” Her mother replied, horrified.She quickly got up from what she was doing and sprinted downstairs, skipping every three steps.“DAN!! DAN!!Get up, get up!! Somebody’s shot Robbie!!!!” Her father quickly sprang up from bed, jumped into his clothes and raced out of his room and caught Marge in his arms.
“What’s going on Marge?”Dan asked with a soothing voice.“SOMEBODY’S SHOT ROBBIE, DAMNIT!!!!”Marge yelled at Dan.“Calm dow… Wha… WHAT?!?!Somebody’s shot ROBBIE!?!FUCK!!!”Dan yelled back, swinging Marge to the side, and ran outside to where his son was lying.
”Robbie, ROBBIE!Talk to me, son, please talk to me!!!”Dan yelled at his son, while shaking him.Blood was already gushing out of the ten-year-old’s mouth.“Robbie, son, get up, wake up, son!! You can’t do this to us... Come one boy, GET up!!!”Dan held his son, rocking him, tears streaming down his face.
“FUCK!!! FUUUUCK!!!”He yelled at the top of his longs.“Somebody, please help.SOMEBODYYY!!!Shantal, you need to call the cops right this instant, you hear?!”He ordered his daughter.Shantal nodded her head and sprinted towards the house, tears flowing down her face.
“What happened, dear?”One of the head cops asked calmly.“Somebody’s shot… my brother…”
“Is he breathing and-“ Shantal interrupted suddenly.“There’s already blood gushing from his mouth, I think he’s dead, but we haven’t checked his pulse yet.Hurry, please get here…”Shantal pleaded, still sobbing.“It’ll be alright, darling; we’ll be there as soon as possible.“HURRY!!!”Shantal screamed, and then hung up the phone. Shantal ran outside, “papa, is he breathing, does he have a pulse, if you don’t know, hurry and check!!!” The boy did indeed have a pulse, but it was a slow, light steady beat.Dan could hardly tell his heart was even beating. In less than ten minutes, they could already hear the ambulance sirens wailing in the background, getting louder, and louder.As soon as the ambulance got there, Robbie no longer had a pulse.Marge really started weeping when she realized this.“O Robbie, baby, please don’t go!”She replied, touching Robbie’s forehead.They quickly got Robbie onto the stretcher and into the ambulance.The ambulance quickly raced to the hospital, and into the emergency room.They checked Robbie’s breathing and pulse, but they found nothing.Dan, Marge, and Shantal were all waiting in hope for the details.All three of them sobbing.The doctors had tried shocking him back to life, he came back for only a few seconds, but then he was gone again.They tried shocking him three more times, but he never did come back.
“Ma’am, sir!I’m sorry to say, but… you’re… son is gone!” Dr. Ralph stuttered the bad news.
“OOOO… Oooo... Robbie… Robbie… baby, come back, baby!!!”Marge wailed.Dan held her in his arms, whispering comforting words into her ear, tears still flowing down his face.“Mr. O’ Connel, you can stay in the guest room if you want, they’re making breakfast in the morning.”Dr. Ralph offered.
“Thank you, sir; I really appreciate that, a lot.”Dan replied, getting up to shake Dr. Ralph’s hand.“We really appreciate your kindness, Dr. Ralph.I guess we’ll just go home, there’s nothing for us to do here, now.Thank you sir for your support, we all really appreciate it.”Dan shook hands with the doctor, then they all left the hospital.
They were just ¾ths of the way to the car when Marge just broke down and started bawling her eyes out.Dan grabbed her arm, pulled her up carefully, and comforted her in his arms.Dan told Shantal that he needed her to drive so that he could comfort Marge, in the back seat.So Shantal had ended up driving.About three minutes into the drive, Shantal was thinking to deeply about her dead brother, when a cemi raced no less than five inches from the front of the car.She finally woke up as soon as that happened and screamed at the same time.She slammed on the breaks and pulled the car the shoulder of the road.“I can’t drive anymore, papa, I just can’t, I’m really sorry!”Shantal replied almost crying.“O darling, it’s ok, we can just sit here for a few minutes and try to get everything straight.Wait, why don’t you come back here and comfort your mother and I’ll drive, ok?”Shantal got into the back of the car and wrapped her arms around her mother and sat there crying with her mother.Soon, they got home, and when they got home, it was already one in the morning.Nobody could sleep at all.Dan stayed in bed with Marge in bed throughout the night with his arms wrapped around his wife, comforting her, telling her everything’s going to alright, telling her they’d somehow get through all of this.Eventually, at around five in the morning, Dan and Marge went to sleep.
Marge had woken up again at around 7 in the morning to her alarm clock.She hit the sleep bottom, and instead of getting up, she just lay in bed on her back, with one of her arms on her forehead.Dan was still asleep, his arms still wrapped around Marge’s body.
Marge had just slipped from under Dan’s arms, trying not to wake him up, to get ready for work.“Baby, why you just stay home from work today?Call in sick.Take a day off, love.”Dan offered, calmly.Marge, a bit startled, turned around and saw that Dan really was awake.A smile slowly crept up her face.“Alright, darling.”She replied.She slowly dialed her work number and told them that she was staying home sick.
A little while later, Marge heard some noises in the kitchen.She quietly crept into the kitchen, thinking maybe it might be a thief.When she got in there, she found Shantal making breakfast.“Baby, what are you still doing up?”Questioned Marge.“I can’t sleep, I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to sleep again, mammy.”Shantal replied, tears welling in her eyes.“O baby girl, don’t cry, everything will be alright!”As soon as that was said, Shantal burst out crying and buried her face in her mother’s chest, then looked up at her mom and said,“O mammy, I should die for letting Robbie get shot.Mammy, it was my entire fault, all my fault.I was supposed to be watching him, and I wasn’t.I was just, you know, flirting with some of those men, and then… o mammy, I just can’t believe it.I’m such a terrible person, mammy.”
“Baby girl, you’re not a terrible person, everybody makes mistake like that once in while, no bodies perfect, love, you know that.So don’t be blaming anything on yourself.”Marge cooed, tightening her grip on Shantal.“Who were you flirting with, sweetie?”Marge asked gently.“His name is Pierre, just the sweetest guy you’ll ever meet, mammy.O he’s just so sweet and so handsome.” A smile spread across Shantal’s face, tears still flowing down her face.Marge gently wiped the tears from her eyes, and kissed her on the cheek.“Baby girl, I’m glad you found somebody that you like, just be careful ok?I don’t want anything bad to ever happen to you, alright?”Marge asked, hugging Shantal very tightly.“I hope this Pierre treats you nicely, or your father will be on his tail, and it won’t be pleasant either.”Shantal just smiled.“O, I’ll make sure he treats me right, mammy.”Shantal and Marge finally stopped hugging, and Marge got a cup of coffee.“Want some, love?”Marge asked.“No thanks, mammy, I just had some.”Shantal replied, heading towards her room.“I think I’m gonna try to get some sleep.Or write in my diary if I can’t.Love you mammy!!”Shantal quickly went over to her mother and gave her a big smooch on the cheek.“Love you, too, baby girl!”Shantal ran up the stairs and into her room.She plopped onto her bed, rolled on her back, closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep.Her mind kept racing back to the other day when she was flirting with Pierre and not paying any of her attention to Robbie.All of a sudden, she heard a loud BOOM!BOOM!She quickly turned her head, and there was Robbie, lying on the ground, practically lifeless, blood gushing from his mouth.His eyes rolled to the back of his head.Shantal screamed and screamed and ran to the house screaming for her parents.She just couldn’t get over why she wasn’t watching Robbie.Flirting with Pierre seemed ten times more important than watching Robbie then, then it did now.Now, it didn’t matter.She was practically furious with Pierre for not letting her know that there was someone behind her, with who knows what type of gun.It was probably a sniper for all she knew.Oh why couldn’t she have been watching Robbie?Why did she have to let this happen?All these thoughts just kept racing through her head, but then about half an hour later, she started dozing off to sleep.
When Shantal woke up, it was already five in the evening.“Holy SHIT!!!Mammy!!!” Shantal yelled, “Why didn’t you wake me up for practice!!!”No reply.Damnit, she thought.They must be out for a walk or something and they just forget to tell her to get up for practice.Shantal rolled her eyes, rolled over onto her stomach, and buried her head into her pillow and fell asleep for about ten minutes.
Shantal finally got up out of bed, slipping her slippers on; she went into the bathroom and looked into the mirror.She instantly made an awful face at herself.Her eyes were all puffy from when she was crying, and she had twice as many zits as last time she looked in the mirror.She turned the faucet water on freezing cold, splashed water on her face, washed her face, and spread acne cream all over her face.“Damnit, I’m ugly.”She thought out loud, while combing big knots out of her hair.She walked out of the bathroom, into the living room, her mother sitting on the couch.“Where’ve you been, mammy?I had practice, and you didn’t even wake me.”
“OH shit, baby, I’m so sorry, I totally forgot about that.You’re father and I took a walk on the beach, and I really didn’t even think of it.”Shantal just smiled and yawned.“Oh mother, you don’t need to worry about it, I was just wondering what had happened, it’s not the end of the world.”Shantal went over to her mother, hugged her, gave her a big kiss on the cheek, walked toward the kitchen and started making a sandwich for herself.“Mammy, would it be alright if I invited Pierre over for dinner tonight?”
“Sure, baby girl.Just make sure he leaves before ten tonight.”Shantal, still working on making her sandwich, grinned a huge grin, “Thanks, mammy!”She quickly finished making her sandwich, went into the living room and gave her mother and dad a big hug and kiss.
It was around dinner time, and Pierre did, in fact, eat dinner with them.Shantal sat right by him, but was too shy and bashful to say anything.She was too afraid she’d make a fool out of herself.So she decided to keep quiet.
At the end of the meal, Dan and Marge went into the living room, but Shantal and Pierre stayed by the table.Shantal just sat there playing with and biting her nails nervously.She glanced up once to meet Pierre’s eyes, he smiled at her, and she blushed and smiled back.“Can I ask you a question, Shantal?”Pierre asked, not even looking at her.“Sh-sh-sure…” she replied stuttering.“W-what is it?”
“Well, come here.”He gestured for her to come out to the porch with him.They both went out onto the porch.It was already eight o’clock.“Umm... you… umm… wouldn’t mind being my girlfriend… would you?”He asked, a bit nervous.Shantal smiled the biggest smile she could ever smile.“Oh, Pierre,” she replied, “my darling, of course.Of course I’ll be you’re girlfriend!”She was still smiling after she had told him this.She put her arms around Pierre’s neck, Pierre put his hands around her waist, kissed her, passionately, and said one last thing before he had to leave, “Will you go on a date with me next weekend?”
Shantal, wanting to scream with joy, just grinned and replied, “Yes, sweetie, yes, I would be more than glad to go on a date with you.”
“Alright, I’ll be here at around 2:30 to get you, is that alright?”He asked, kissing her again.“That’s not a problem.I’ll just tell my parents.”
“Okay, sweetheart!Well, I have to get going now; I have to be up early tomorrow morning for work.I love you sexy!!”Pierre kissed Shantal once more, winked and waved goodbye.
Shantal ran back inside when he was gone, ran upstairs into her room, and practically screamed for joy.She fell asleep dreaming of him that night.

Submitted: April 15, 2010

© Copyright 2020 Breezie. All rights reserved.

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G J Dillon

Very well written, I must say, An emotional rollercoaster from start to end. It's quite impressive how you start on such a hysterical and progressively tragic tone and end on such an optimistic one. Well done!

Sat, April 17th, 2010 11:47pm


Thank you!

Mon, April 19th, 2010 6:07am

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