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Submitted: November 28, 2017

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Submitted: November 28, 2017



You tell me I should love you.

You tell me every day.


Days go by where I think I should.

But then I think again.


You tell me that you love me

I tell you that I know.


You ask me how much.

And I said "I don’t know"


I tell you that your special.

But you don’t really care.


I tell you what u mean to me.

And there you go out the door.


I try and bring you back.

As you go and push me down.


There I am with not a care in the word.

Walking out the door.


You tell me that you want me back

But do you really mean it.


You look me in the eyes

And quietly say "I do"


You ask me if I like you

My answer is the same.


You ask me why

As I fade to grey


I tell you im not ready

And your smile fades away.


"I want you and only you"

He said with the slights smile on his face..


I turn around and look at you

Not a smile on your face.


I tell  you I will think about it

But that’s not good for you


I stand there in silence

As you look and me and walk away.

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