Climbing Every Mountain

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This is about a girl who has Cerebral Palsy and gets made fun of for walking weird or her slow speech in classes. Until she meets a semi-normal boy who is nice to her. (Wrote in Creative Writing an A+!)

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



Climbing Every Mountain Top…


Dear Diary;

Okay…my guidance counselor thinks it would be a good thing for me to write in this Diary everyday…or at least whenever I feel like it. I’ve been depressed for a while and it hasn’t helped at all with my other disease either…but hey I don’t know a single person who would like being labeled the class freak show and being called retarded all the time either. But hey…whatever works for you Doc…I’m just speaking…or writing the truth.

Okay so here’s my usual everyday life. I wake up to the same stupid alarm clock I’ve had since I was fourteen. Still trying to struggle like everyone else does…but the only difference…is that you wouldn’t be able to tell it from the outside. Is that I have Cerebral Palsy…or CP for short.

It’s not that bad…it just really sucks. I’ve came from a long way from being two pounds and in a little incubator, to walking normal-ish, and being able to communicate easier. I’ve had a rough child hood. I could never go out and play with the normal kids…because A. I was never able to actually walk until the age of Five…and I was never able to even play with my siblings for my mother feared of something injuring me causing more setbacks than what my seizures cause for me. They slur my speech for weeks and it takes a while for the memories I lose to come back to me…like I always know they do. When I have seizures…everyone thinks I’m in so much pain. But I’m not really…it’s just annoying. And if I could turn it off I would…however…there isn’t a seizure on and off switch in my body or else I would have flipped that sucker by now…believe me.

Every other month my family and I have had to go to the local regional hospital to get check-ups. Adjust my medication to the mercy of my thyroid glands…and switch up my seizure medication. I hate the taste of the crap as it slides down my throat each morning. My mother says the flavoring is supposed to not make it taste gross…but that still doesn’t hide the after taste that lingers in my mouth.

I look at my brother Jason who doesn’t treat me any different than as his kid sister. Which I thank the heavens for. I don’t want to be treated differently for something I can’t control…what’s done is done and there is nothing that can be changed now. But I do wish how people treat me would change. As if everything such as my off balance, slow reading, easy loss of articulation, and random seizures in class weren’t enough…people treat me as though I’m some idiot. I’m not…I’m actually quite smart…but because of my obstacles no one can accurately test my correct I.Q. number. Which is alright with me…as long as Mitchel Jackson would stop making fun of me and calling me retarded all the time when I’m slow reading out loud in class; that’s why I hate going to public school. But apparently, I’m not handicapped enough to go to a local school for handicapped children called Mississippi Valley. My mother doesn’t understand anything. She thinks that everyone will accept me one of these days and we’ll all randomly burst out into song and get along like one of those 80’s movies. However, real life isn’t like a movie…yea they may seem like their portraying real life problems…but most of the time they don’t understand half the crud their talking about most of the time. They may graze the surface but they don’t usually because they just don’t have a real person tell them what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong.

Today something interesting happened…to me today at school…not totally life changing but close enough I guess you could say. This cute new kid actually talked to me in Science class. He wasn’t weird at all…he was just…normal…not my normal…but he didn’t have slurred speech…no wheelchair like my friend Tobi has...or leg braces. I found out his name is Jayme. He smiled at me and we got to talking finding out we both like the same kind of bands and same kind of music. I asked him why he was in remedial Science class and that’s when he confessed to me that he had a brain tumor that once effected his short term memory…so he forgets whatever he learned in school as soon as the Summer starts. I tell him how much that must suck for him. He nods and then agrees with me as we continue doing the Science experiment our teacher gave us.

We spend the rest of the day in the same classes together and then when my mother comes to pick me up we give Jayme a ride home to his house. Before he leaves he gives me his cell phone number.

I plan on calling Jayme later…but for now I must bid thee ado for it is time for my late afternoon drug session. So…erm…good bye I guess…or Ta Ta for Now? I don’t know I’ve never done something like this before…so. Bye.

With Drugs,

Jacque Johnson

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