Corn Maze from Hell

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Here is my first attempt at a horror story...

Submitted: October 31, 2011

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Submitted: October 31, 2011



I feel my heart pound ecstatically in my chest. My mind racing as I fly through the corn trying to find my friends. “Mika! Come on guys! This isn’t funny anymore!” I yell throughout the corn field. I hear animals on either side of me. I almost feel like curling up into a little ball and crying. I’m so lost and scared. The bull frogs crooking at a nearby pond, as the light from the full moon shines onto my brown hair hanging off the curve of my chest and back. I stop in the middle of a patch of bare ground where a deer used to probably call home, yes; the hoof prints confirm my assumption. I breathe deeply as I try to think of where they left me. My chest heaves up and down. I look at the ground around me closing my green eyes thinking about where I am. The slope of the ground, the sound of the bull frogs almost make me sleepy with their repetitive song, the rustling of the corn as the October wind goes through the corn stalks, and the sound of cars on the highway going past.

My breath immediately gets caught in my throat. I look before me as I see Mika hanging from the tree in Braxton’s backyard. I sprint from the corn and see his body limp and lifeless hanging downward from the tree’s thickest branch. I gasp as tears come into my eyes. I instantly get an image of a report we heard tonight on the news about an escaped convict who escaped from the Bell-View prison a few hours ago. I didn’t want to play Night Wars tonight but my friends had insisted it would be safe. But as I see a knife sticking out of Mika’s chest I realize they were so wrong. I look around me as I see the corn rustle coming my way. My eyes shoot up as my feet position themselves automatically in a stance so I can run if I need to.

“Robin! Robin! Where are you!?” I hear my friends yell at the tops of their lungs. I don’t want to yell back…to be honest I can’t do anything I’m so frozen with fear and despair at the same time. I turn around and see my friend Braxton and Megan tumble out of the corn field staring at Mika’s body. Megan lets out a shrill shriek and I dive to cover my hand with her mouth.

“Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Brax we have to get out of here!” I hiss at him as he nods and gets up helping a sobbing Megan to her feet. We all go into the house and lock the doors I watch both Brax and Meg grab onto either. Images of Mika, Brax, and Meg laughing at my fear of the escaped convict; how they thought that nothing would happen…that the convict would go away within the hour and we would have nothing to worry about. I look at Meg and Brax as they both begin rummaging through the kitchen draws looking for God knows what. “What happened out there!?” I ask them as they continue looking ignoring my presence. I look at them as they act like someone’s ruffled their feathers.

“HEY! WHAT IN THE WORLD HAPPENED OUT THERE!? You all ditched me because you guys thought it’d be funny. Mika’s dead! Who’s laughing now!?” I scream pointing at my friend hanging. They both stop and they share looks over each other before Brax begins explaining.

“Yes, Robin we ditched you. As we were going towards the pond we heard what sounded like muttering. We went to go look at who it would be and we see this man with long greasy hair down to your hip, scars lined down his bald face, one blue eye, one green eyes, a orange jumpsuit, and a blade held between his teeth. Robin, Mika was dead before he started hanging from the tree,” he says crying tears for his best friend.

I look at him in disbelief but let myself take a deep breath all the sudden we hear glass shattering where Meg stands. Her jaw slacks as an airy breath escapes from her trachea. I look at Brax as he steps forth placing his hand on Meg’s shoulder.

“Meg, are you okay?” comes out of his mouth a minute before she falls face first into the ground. I almost say something until I see a homemade arrow sticking out from her back. I feel something grab a hold of me tightly. I look at Brax as he lets out a string of curse words. I look at him angrily.

“NOTHINGS GONNA HAPPEN ROBIN.’” I scream back at him all everyone said to me as I was so scared of leaving the house. “’Let’s Go Play in the Corn Field!’” I say to him as he taps me on the cheek.

“Shut up! We’re going to get out of here! Pull yourself together! Now grab a gun out of the cabinet and we’ll get in my dad’s pick up so we can leave alright! We’ll get the cops and everything will be alright!” he says sounding as if he is trying to reassure himself more than me. I nod as I tear up getting to the back room to unlock the gun cabinet. I grab a Pistol and a few magazines stuffing them in my pockets as I look up at the window I see in blood written on the outside of the glass ‘YOU WILL DIE TONIGHT!”. I scream and grab a semi-automatic gun before running to the front room. Brax grabs onto me asking me what’s the matter. I shake my head as I reach onto a nail right by the front door, grabbing the pick-up’s key. We both sprint outside and get inside the pick-up.

As Brax tries to turn the engine over we see the corn rustle. Brax stops and looks at the corn field as I do. He looks at me then back at the corn field.

“What’s that?” he asks his voice all shaky. I tell him to keep trying but then a figure immerges from the corn in an orange jumpsuit. Brax lets out a shrill shriek as he starts swearing so very loudly. “Come on, Come on, baby. Don’t give up on me now!” he says rubbing his hand on the dash of the truck trying to sweet talk the car into working his way. Finally the old rusted out pick up rumbles to life with a sputter and a cough; Brax lets out a sound of success as we get out of the driveway, leaving the convict in our wake.

I cry tears of joy as we pull up to the Highway intersection with the gravel roads. As Braxton looks at me his blue eyes shining so very brightly he pulls out onto the road. His eyes say he could kiss me…while another part says he would drop to his knees and pray before God. I look to see headlights coming right towards the pick-up. I yell at Brax who only gets a moment before the white light of headlights blinds him inevitably colliding us with the oncoming traffic. I scream as the impact slams the truck over side- ways onto its side rolling several times before it comes to a complete stop. I look at Braxton to see his head had been completely knocked off his shoulders, blood squirting out of his neck. My stomach lurches. The pain from my legs down not existing as the truck’s front has compressed against my flesh. The truck upside down I feel the blood roll down my gushing temples as something fills my last working ear. I let out a moan and groan as I turn around. I scream as I find the convict’s face against the glass of the pick-up. Realizing just how imminent death is.

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