Jane Doe Gets Stuck

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What happens when a teenage girl gets stuck in a vechile inside a snow storm with her two siblings Sarabeth and Joshua? Will they all live?

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



Hey Readers! Sorry about holding out on the Chapter for my novel but this is what was taking all of my writing ideas...hope my teacher likes this...and yall tell me what you guys think too. Please and thank you!- =) BreLizzy

?Jane Doe Gets Stuck?


I hate coming to these stupid parties my parent’s friends hold every year for their fellow colleagues at the plant. I hate the obnoxious loud music, bobbing for apples, the bottle of Jack Daniels being passed about in an already drunken house anyways, and the dumb things my parents say when they get wasted.

I just sit in a secluded bedroom out of the way and study for my History exam we have to return to after the Christmas break. As I’m making index cards for vocab I hear the door open to reveal a very drunken Hollis Rivers. I can tell he’s so drunk as the smell of booze rolls in after him. Hollis Rivers is a spoiled brat who gets whatever, and whomever his heart desires. I roll my eyes at his disheveled hair, blood shot eyes, and Jack Daniels bottle down to the last sip clenched tight in his fingers. I pay no mind to him as I look back at my index card continuing my studying.

Suddenly the slamming of the door snaps my attention back to the drunken boy across the room from my position. I look at Hollis before he drops the bottle and then launches himself at me pinning me underneath his heavy weight.

“Hollis get the hell off me!” I yell at him trying to wiggle out of his grasp as I try to throw him off me; some part of me wanting to put my bench pressing 100lbs. into good use. As he kisses me I actually feel as though I’m drunk because of how much alcohol has passed his lips. He rips my shirt open by now I’m realizing there is almost no hope as I get the upper hand as he is distracted as he positions himself on his knees slightly as he kisses down my neck, I take both of my hands and shove him off of me with all my might. I watch him as he tumbles onto the floor and lets out a groan.

I gather my school supplies and stuff them into my book bag as I get to leave I watch him now positioning on all fours as he is vomiting all of the liquor he ingested I turn my nose up as I leave the room after I gather my things and button my shirt.

I get Josh and Sarabeth to go out to my car. I find my mom and dad talking with Hollis’ dad, owner of the plant where they work. I groan as I run my finger through my long blond hair as I go up to my parents and tell them we need to leave. They just shrug me off several times.

“Fine then find your own ride home. See if I care,” I yell at them as I begin to the exit the house the way I came. I groan as I see there is already a foot of snow on the ground which will make the roads icy as hell.

I open the car door and shove my book bag into the seat that reaches from the driver’s door all the way to the passengers door. I groan as I push the key into the ignition and I hear the engine turn over. Sarabeth and Josh have their seatbelts on as I shift into gear and out of the parking spot along the sidewalk heading off into the highway. As I turn onto the high I don’t even see a single beam of headlight.


I get past twenty minutes of driving as the road becomes over wrought with inches upon inches of snow piling on top of each other. I hear the tires crutch through the snow. I think I’m about five miles from town when the tires hit a patch of ice. I attempt to regain the car as we get to doing doughnuts all down the highway. I grab a hold of the steering wheel of the car going the opposite direction that I turn the wheel we start drifting as tears come into my eyes. Sarabeth and Josh cling onto each other for dear life as I cry knowing I’m about to kill my little brother and sister. All the sudden the car comes to a complete stop. I slam on the parking gear afraid of what will happen next.

I look in the back of the car at my brother and sister as they are as frozen in fear as I am. I take a few deep breathes as I hear something grinding against something else I look out my window realizing we’re on a hill. Out of nowhere the brakes give out causing our car to slide back I duck under the seat.

“GET DOWN!” I scream not wanting my siblings to die at my hand if we roll over. I hear them scream as we drift the rest of the way down the hill. When the car comes to a complete stop once more there are tears coming out of my eyes so fast that I can barely breathe. I look at my brother and sister as they both come up cradling each other tight as we all begin to wonder if that was it. I turn the radio on trying to find a weather report as I see the snow still coming down.

“Everyone is cautioned to stay off the road. No one under eighteen allowed to leave towns without a parent. All road workers not allowed to go out at all,” says the voice on the radio before the storm cuts off reception. I look at my siblings as they both begin to cry tears of fright. I tell them to stay in the car as I leave pulling the keys out of the ignition and walk through the frigid snow heading off to the trunk of the car. I find two blankets and a change of clothing. I get back in the car throwing the blankets across my bench seat.

“What are you doing?” Joshua asks me as I stand out of the car using a lever to shove the bench seat back creating a sort of bed. Joshua begins to take his shoes and socks off as I tell him not to as I get inside the car slamming the driver’s door shut behind me. I tell Joshua and Sara to at least wear their seatbelts and socks. I watch them as they fall asleep.

I grin at myself quickly before I pull my phone out to call the radio station but I groan as the snow storm has knocked out all my cell towers. I lean my head against the car window as I tuck my legs close to my chest as I myself begin to dose off.


I wake up hoping it was all a dream last night but as I open my eyes I see Sarabeth and Joshua curled up next to each other for warmth or comfort. I shut my phone off to save the battery as I begin to think about what I’m going to do. As I take the sleeve of my jacket I wipe the fog off the window to see there isn’t any light. I begin to panic as I come to find the sun roof as I slide it open and see there are mountains upon mountains of snow all around the car and crawling up to the roof. I feel a headache come over me as I get out of the car taking my Hollister jacket and laying it across the top not wanting any hint of warmth inside the car to escape. I take off and head to the trunk of the car hoping to find a lighter or something.

I take the snow and attempt to get the excess snow off the trunk but my fingers freeze very soon so I get back in the car search the glove box. When I grab the lighter and my history book…I’m about to rip out the pages when I put the lighter down wondering if I can get the car to start.

I twist the key and feel dread as I hear the engine stall every time I try to start the car. I groan as I take my history book and rip the cover off not caring what my history teacher will have to say about this in January. I hold my breath as I get out of the car through the roof leaving my jacket as I did before. I feel the coldness rip through my shirt as I try to get this done quickly before I freeze to death. I use the book cover as a shovel shoveling the snow out of the way in the shape of a rectangle. I feel sweat trickle down my back and down into my bra as I continue to work. The sweat freezing onto my skin making me even more cold.

I get a decent sized fire pit and then climb back into the car shutting the sun roof above me again attempting to keep in the warmth as I look down I find Joshua and Sara have awaken wondering where I’ve been. I turn on my phone as I look at them. I realize now it doesn’t matter how I feel. It’s going to be all about them…it’s going to be about saving them even if it kills me. Which it probably will. I feel tears well up in my eyes as I feel Joshua come out of his little cocoon and joining me in my lap.

“It’s going to be okay Janey. Everything’s going to be okay,” he says reaching up and wiping tears from my eyes. I look at my kid brother wondering how the roles have just mysteriously reversed…I’m supposed to be the one comforting him…but here he is comforting me while I realize that maybe we won’t make it…despite all the things I do. I let out a grin the tell him to go back to sleep.

“It’s not going to be okay, Janey,” Sara says mocking our brother.

“Sara stop. We are going to be here a while. But we can’t panic, we’ll be okay,” I say to myself more than them. Sara rolls her eyes as she pulls the covers to her chin not wanting to hear lies. I groan frustrated at my sister. I take my jacket off myself not wanting to feel the warmth at all…the wretched cold now causing to blister my fingers as the cold now becomes a constant reminder to me that I have to keep them alive. I pull my phone out wanting to call someone tell them we are out here…tell them to come rescue us. But as I see the little US Cellular symbol flash in front of me I find out there is no signal. I take a deep breath as I curl into a ball by myself and fall into a deep slumber.


It feels like days before I wake up exhausted from all the recent events. I see Sara and Josh still together as I take my History book and a pocket knife I always have with me the begin cutting the pages off. As I get a reasonable stack as I slide the sun roof open and see no signs of life once again. I look at all the dammed snow as I go to the trunk and pop it open once more and I grab the extra change of clothing. I use the pocket knife as I sit on the trunk of the car ripping out the seams of the clothing getting as much fire cloth as I can. I move the jacket away from the top of the roof the frost bite on my fingers progressing nicely as I reach in and grab the floor mat my legs out of the car and my torso not causing me to shiver severely as I pull the rubber mat out and place it on the snow rectangle I’ve constructed. I take the pieces of paper I’ve cut and place them on the top of the mat. I take my lighter and begin to ignite the paper throwing the cloth on it. I feel the warmth hit me and I begin gasping for air. The warm a shock to my system. I begin to get another severe headache as I hear Joshua and Sara ask me questions from below.

“Janey…what are you doing?” I hear Sara ask me. I move my jacket and tell them to put their shoes on. They do as I say and in fifteen minutes they are in front of a dull fire. They both smile at me and cuddle close to me. I smile at them my lips cracking causing beads of blood to come in contact with my lips making me taste a little iron. I watch the fire die out as I feel my siblings get colder and colder. I tell them to return to the car and the fire dies right then emphasizing why I want them inside. I watch them take their shoes off and climb back to their nest of sleep.

After a couple more minutes of staring at the nonexistent fire I look back inside the car and then climb back inside taking my jacket off the roof and then sliding the glass window back in its spot.


Several days pass like this…we all basically sleep. Except when I get the mind to start the fire…I think Sarabeth and Josh are getting they are slowly dying. They haven’t eaten in four days and haven’t drank in four either. Every night I get up going to the roof to cry knowing that there is so much out of my hands as I know all that’s left to burn is my book bag. I’ve burned my pens, clothing, my Hollister jacket in a bout of desperation, and my whole History book is gone now in ash. I cringe as I reach inside my pocket getting not one damn bar on my signal for my phone.


One day after another my breathing becoming more and more labored as I fight for my brother and sister. I look at them their faces slightly gaunt as their bone structure become more and more visible. I curse at myself as I am managing to scoop snow off the trunk of my car hoping that there will at least be something that can save us as I have my brother and sister sit on the roof of the car whilst I burn my book bag and the last of the bits of clothing.

“Janey! You’ve checked the trunk five times! There is nothing new going to pop up just because you want it to!” Sarabeth screams at me with her last ounce of energy. I see Joshua slumped over his shoulders hunched way over and his lips blue. His body still surrounded by his blanket. I feel my heart jump in my throat as I look at Sarabeth and Josh. I open up the trunk seeing nothing but a roll a duct tape we’ve had since we’ve started. I get to thinking when Sarabeth begins shouting my name over and over again. I look at her as I take the tape out and look at her scared desperate face. Tears streaming her face as she holds our limp little brother. “He’s not breathing!” she yells at me tears coming out faster. I yell for her to get him in the car and chuck the keys at her. She pulls Joshua in the car as my heart begins beating rapidly. The left side of my body going numb and tingling a little bit. My thoughts slurred and irregular, I stand on the roof of the car looking down through the sun roof at Sara her face red and wet with tears of fright and innocence. I look at Joshua whose not responding as I scream his name dropping through the sun roof lightly tapping his face over and over again.

“Come on Joshua. Please…” I say quietly as I place my hands over his sternum being to do CPR. I press down about five times before I press my lips to his breathing out nice and slow. After the third run through he begins breathing again but heavily. I look at Sara who is still frightened. I take the keys of the car and my cover from my History book climbing out of the car frivolously scooping snow away from the hood of the car hoping that it might start then. I throw Sara the keys after ten agonizing minutes of scooping straight not stopping when my body desperately screams for me to. I see the radio antenna sticking out of the hood of the car. I grip the bottom part of the antenna as I kick at it with my tennis shoe on the fourth kick getting it free. I hear a stall of the engine block but then the dull rumble of the car kicking on. I hear Sara yell in victory as everything seems to be alright. Until I realize that I need to use this antenna. I take my phone out quickly turning it on and ripping a piece of duct tape off with my teeth as I strap the antenna onto the back of the phone. I don’t think it’d work as I drop back into the car watching Sarabeth carefully.

She is beginning to get less responsive. I tap her several times on the cheek before she officially checks out. I scream getting a bar of service as I stand on the bench seat and my head sticking out of the car tears coming out of my eyes scared of losing my little brother and sister. I dial 9-1-1 into the phone as I jump up and down in the car my heart pounding so fast as anxiety takes over and the coldness no longer effecting me as I get delirious and become confused. Half of me feeling as high as a kite while the other half is fighting for control of my mouth and words.

“9-1-1 what’s your emergency?” asks a woman on the line. I scream as breath escapes my lungs.

“PLEZZ HELP USH!” I scream into the microphone of the cellular device getting hyped up on saving my brother and sister. The lady tells me to calm down but I can’t as soon as I begin to talk I can’t stop. “Lady! We’ve been stuck out here for days. My little brother and sister are on the verge of dying! Please send someone out here anyone somebody please! They can’t die on me now!” I say tears streaming down my face as my mind is turning into mush as my balance becomes unfavorable as I begin swaying and I fall back under the roof of the car my head banging against the dash causing a horrid headache to surface.

“Where are you?” the lady asks her voice faltering as she is now desperate as much as I am to rescue us all. I give her the hill, and highway. She tells me there will be someone over in ten minutes. But as well as I know…I don’t have ten minutes…I have seconds as Joshua now begins to not breath again. I continue to cry my world suddenly at a tilt as I move my body over to Joshua unfortunately my whole body landing on him totally tired and brought to it’s breaking point. I see smears of colors all around me as the inside of the car comes under a thick fog.

“Joshua! YOU LITTLE BRAT! YOU CANNOT CANNOT DIE ON ME YET!” I yell at him as I slam my fists into his sternum once more as I try to do mouth to mouth resuscitation. I get him back to breathing heavily once more as I hear a dull hum… a buzz ring in my ears. My headache increases severely as my light headedness is taking over my entire body. But I can’t give up now…not when we are so close…not now.

I pull myself off my knees as I poke myself through the sun roof I see about four snowmobiles headed towards us as tears of joy fill me in. I feel something dark take over me…calling my name. A warm embrace telling me to join them. I open my eyes and scream at them to leave me alone as I take Josh’s little limp heavily breathing body out of the car and onto the roof wrapped in his blanket as the snow mobiles get closer. I move Sarabeth off of the steering wheel where she checked out and honk the horn several times. I wrap Sara in her blanket and have her propped up in my lap as the snowmobiles finally arrive to the car one man immediately grabbing my little brother. He pulls out his walkie-talkie shouting something into the microphone before putting it back in its correct holster in his tool belt as my world once more becomes fading and dim. My eye sight gone as I close my eyes feeling Sara being lifted off of my lap as one more man takes her speeding off.

“Come on sweetie. We’re going to bring you home,” one more warm voice says throwing me onto a sled wrapping a blanket around my frigid body as I begin checking in and out of life and death. I almost begin to fight once more to stay with them all; however, the man gives me the okay to check out and go somewhere else. “Your brother and sister are going to make it.” With that I leave the world as I fall down into a dark tunnel the end illuminated by the ever-vesicant light shining on me…not feeling cold but suddenly a refreshing warm as I sprint into the light…knowing that I’m not going to return the Earthly plane.

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