The Short Story that Inspired My Novel

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Hey is the short story that inspired my novel 'Sometimes Love May Appear Closer Than it Actually Is' was orginially another Creative Writing Assignment...but it's evovled a lot since last well I think so...

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011



Being naturally tall has its perks, you never feel intimidated by other tall people, you always can reach the top shelf of anything, and you get sexy long legs. However, as you go through puberty your center of balance isn’t all that great, thus clumsiness becomes an everyday thing. Where you just can’t seem to get your foot on the right spot and you eventually and ultimately fall to the ground, that’s what it’s like for me. Being in lifetime sports doesn’t play out well for tall people especially not when we’re playing soccer.

I get into my catching stanch as the ball is coming right for my field goal. I’m about to catch it when I trip over my own feet and tumble to the ground. I let out a defeated sounding cry as I realize I just lost us the game. I lay the ground as my team looks at ticked off to no end about how I screwed something up…again. I feel embarrassment run hot through my veins as I know I shouldn’t have played today. But after playing hooky with my friend Henry for the past two weeks during this class my parent’s finally caught on and threatened to take away my car and cell phone if I don’t start showing up for class.

My friend Henry from the other team helps me off the ground looking as if he wanted to tease me but he bites his tongue knowing that I’m definitely not in the mood. I brush off the loose grass that clings to the fabric of my shirt as the rest of my team walks by me giving me dirty looks and sarcastically saying “Nice Going.” I feel like I want to crawl in a corner and cry.

Henry gently puts his hand on the small of my back as I cross my arms over my chest in embarrassment. He looks at me softly his eyes knowing how much I’m hurting right now as I quickly reach up ripping the ponytail holder out of my hair not caring as I tug my hair way too hard. I put the elastic around my wrist as I let out a deep sullen sigh.

“It’s alright, everyone messes up once in a while,” he says looking at me as we eventually get to the school doors close to the locker rooms that are just down the hallway. I shake my head as I cover my face taking some huge deep breaths trying to calm myself down.

“This is why I played hooky with you. I knew I’d mess up and ruin everyone’s game with my clumsiness. Good Lord, why do I have to be so freakin’ tall. Why can’t I be short and stumpy,” I say out loud talking myself down, something I know Henry hates because I know he’s had a crush on me since day one. It’s just when I look in the mirror I see my long blonde hair stopping just under my chest, my normal clear blue eyes lined with a thick coat of black eyeliner, my slender body, and abnormally long legs but then I see all of the flaws as soon as I begin to fathom that I might look beautiful because that’s how I am…it’s what I do and I just can’t seem to see what he sees in me. Though I often wish I could sometimes when my emotions are the most fragile. Immediately, Henry grabs me by the shoulders forcing me to look into his purple eyes courtesy of contacts, I look at him closely as he has his gym uniform on but he looks practically the same, his black and lime green hair parted so it goes in front of his right eye, his lips pursed, equally tall stature, and his thin lanky body holding my shoulders.

“Stop doing that, seriously. You know how much I hate it when you do that bullcrap so seriously stop talking about yourself. It pains me that you don’t see what I do. You’re so freaking gorgeous. It doesn’t matter what the other jerks say you’re perfect and my opinion is all that should matter,” he says looking into my eyes they hold anger, frustration, and a certain softness. I can understand that he’s just so frustrated with me but I just can’t help being who I am. I feel tears in my eyes so I look up from Henry and look at the lime green and purple paper chains strewn across the ceiling because everyone is getting ready for homecoming. I look at Henry as the tears still threaten and his eyes soften at me as he pulls me to his chest. I hold onto him tight and then release him knowing I need to go get out of these sweaty clothes.


Entering the locker room I get dirty looks from my teammates as the overpowering smell of cleaning supplies begin to make me sick to my stomach. I grab my clothes out of my locker as I strip my clothes off and quickly get dressed then reapply deodorant. After I look myself in the mirror I see myself dressed in my favorite black skinny jeans, and my A Day to Remember band tee I got last weekend. I run my fingers through my layered hair and then walk out of the locker room with my arms crossed over my chest as I begin to question everything in my life. As I look at the wall space between the locker room openings I see the beloved water fountain that got painted with our school colors yesterday and I see the ceiling tile missing from above me. I realize they must be working on something up there as Henry comes up tucking me under his arm.

I look at him as the metal container next to us screams FIRE BLANKET and the bell rings releasing us to lunch period. As we walk to lunch together Henry keeps giving me a nervous look on his face as we take our usually table rightfully dubbed table for the misfit children.  As I sit down in the metal folding chair next to Henry he looks me in the eye as he leans in looking at me lovingly as he asks me a question that makes my heart stop.

“Kendra, will you be my girlfriend?”

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