The Mating Dance (pt 1)

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The world of dating, is dating old fashioned?

Submitted: April 16, 2013

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Submitted: April 16, 2013



As a traditional girl waiting for the third date before doing the do is a minimum but decreasing requirement, I call it traditional but is that the same as old fashioned, frigid or prudish? Society seems to think so! It has been 27 months since I got laid and the last time was genuine lovemaking with the love of my life not the sex I now crave.

Night out after night out and chat up line after chat up line still no-one is willing to take a number and call you. Instant and often awkward, disappointing gratification is preferred over the ritual of dating. The pleasure of the date is being forgotten and completely overlooked. The days building to the date are free and full of excitement, the beauty routine, the choosing of the outfit, the speculation the nerves. Granted dating can also be disappointing but at least you have not added an unwanted notch in the bedpost, created a potentially awkward social situation for the future, and banked a memory that will pop up to haunt you on a random basis.

You meet a nice guy, conversation is going well, and you are confident occasionally witty and feeling quite sexy, so far so good. As the evening goes on you start to think I will give him my number if he asks, I hope he asks you discuss similar interests, future events and venues; perfect a date is on the cards. Ding Ding the bell sounds its last orders, time to say goodnight. He offers you the option to go back to his for “coffee” you decline but express an interest in meeting up again at some point numbers are exchanged, the vino has kicked in so also a bit of a kiss, that should encourage a phone call you think to yourself on the way home triumphantly alone, horny and hopeful.

It’s the morning after the night before and having fallen asleep thinking about possible dates, going over the conversations that were had and reliving the kiss the first priority is making sure your phone is not on silent and is fully charged. You tell your friends about him and they are all in it with you now, you are invested in the phone call that may not arrive and inevitably it does not, after days of checking your phone even though it has not left your side and is on max volume it’s time to admit defeat, it has happened again. Why are people happy to have sex with a relative stranger but are not willing to enjoy the mating dance? A date does not constitute a commitment it’s an exciting event with a potentially gratifying outcome.

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