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An alternate reality story when Germany created the first Nuke instead of the US

Submitted: October 13, 2007

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Submitted: October 13, 2007




By Brendan Padellford

The year: 2013.

It was huge, imposing and menacing, a giant among its class. The smell that it gave off indicated a fresh coat of paint had just recently been added. It was a C-47 Dakota, and it was quite an unusual thing to see in the middle of the Nevada desert. All across the wings were tiny circular holes, with what looked like exhaust pipes protruding from the depths of it. All across the craft, what appeared to be repairmen and engineers were running to and fro, making adjustments and modifications to the craft. “Hurry it up, we need to get this bucket of bolts in ship-shape condition as soon as possible,” yelled Colonel Whitmore of the American Resistance Force (ARF). The more the colonel thought about what he was about to do, the more nervous and discouraged he got. At times he forgot how he even got wound up in the whole resistance business, which, according to the Third Reich, was classified as a terrorist organization.

“If trying to win ones freedom and country back is being a terrorist, then I guess I am one,” mused Whitmore. In the 1944, things were looking good for the allies. Hitler’s Fortress Europe had been penetrated, and the march towards Berlin had begun….until it happened. It had started at night, and to those it affected, the event would be branded into their skulls until the very day they died. Nazi Germany had launched hundreds of Nuclear Rockets against the allied forces in Europe, and even more terrifyingly, straight into England. The causality rate was in the millions. Great Britain was wiped from the map, Russia devastated, and the Allies crippled. The United States had been beaten in the race to develop the world’s first nukes, and had nothing that could withstand the awesome firepower and biological effects of the monstrous weapons. Those who had not been killed or mutated beyond the ability to perform simple functions were enslaved as servants to the “Master Race.”

Thinking about what had happened to the English, American, Russian, French, and all others who were free for too long gave Whitmore a headache. Now wasn’t the time to ponder on what had happened; now was time to make history, or rather, change it. The only reason that Germany had beaten the U.S. in the nuclear race was because of one, single man. It was ironic that this man was Jewish, and yet he was forced to create such a powerful device for the very ones who loathed and hated his kind, the Germans.

This man’s name was Albert Einstein.

He had tried to escape Germany before the war started, yet was kept from immigrating to the United States, like other scientists of his status, by the German Government. “And the rest is history, as they say,” thought Whitmore to himself. The colonel walked into what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse, moving with purpose and swiftness. Inside the warehouse was a hive of activity. Computers were everywhere in the brightly lit room, with diagrams, graphs, and mathematical sequences sprawled across a series of blackboards. “Ah, you’re just in time for the briefing, Colonel. Right this way,” squeaked what appeared to be a scientist. The scientist with the high pitched voice led the colonel to a non-descript table in a far corner of the warehouse.

“Right, you all know why we are here,” stated a tall man with two silver stars buttoned to his collar. “Colonel Whitmore and five others will fly the modified C-47 Dakota faster than the speed of light. The extra thrust required to get to such a speed will be provided by rocket thrusters that have been installed in the wings, which were stolen from a Reich testing facility. Once Colonel Whitmore and his team have reached a speed that is faster than that of light, the plane will turn into anti-matter. Now, Colonel, theoretically, the suits that we are providing you with should protect you from, well, turning into anti-matter yourself and blowing up.”

This was the part Whitmore hated most. Going against the Reich was one thing, but going against the laws of physics was something entirely different. Whitmore didn’t quite understand all the scientific babble behind it, but he knew the results. He still didn’t quite believe it, even though all the computer simulations said it was possible, that time travel was possible.

It was too late to back out now, though. The colonel had made a commitment and would complete his mission…or die trying. He and his team would travel back in time, one day before the Nazi’s barred Einstein from leaving Germany, and assist (force if necessary) him in getting to the United States. Once safely in the U.S., Einstein would help the U.S. create the nuke before the Germans did. Whitmore and his team would get back to 2013 the same way they left it. The trick to this whole plan was passing the speed of light in the correct area…right over Berlin. The “point of origin” was the exact time, and place, where 2013 time would end, and where 1938 time would begin. They would somehow have to pass Reich Air patrols, and once over Berlin, active the rocket thrusters at the correct moment. “We will commence with the operation tomorrow morning at dawn…. Good Luck...” said the General.

Two Days Later, 75 Years Earlier

The old frail man was sitting quietly in his armchair, reading the daily newspaper. Little did he know that five strangers had entered his house nor could he imagine what was about to unfold. The man heard something, and quickly turned around, but he was too late. The strangers outnumbered him, and if they wanted to rob or kill him, resistance would be futile. One of the men greeted the aging scientist with the message he had practiced in German: “Hallo, Albert. Seien Sie aufgeschreckt, nicht sind wir Freunde. Bitte folgen Sie uns! In other words, “Hello, Albert. Do not be startled, we are friends. Please come with us!”

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