Rolling Hills and the Terrible Tornado

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Mr. Bert is a very lazy and lonely man. When he finally meets his relatives at his house after what has been 17 years, unexpectedly something goes far worse then ever imaginable!

Rolling Hills and the Terrible Tornado

By Brennan Dwyer


In the heart of Missouri, the state of rolling hills and grass as green as green beans once lived a lonesome man named Mr. Bert.

Mr. Bert was a middle aged man with peppered hair and was shorter than most 7th graders. Mr. Bert is not very brave and isn’t very hard working either. He almost never eats any vegetables and almost always eats fast food instead of trying to make his own homemade meal.

Usually he is depressed and lonesome out in the rolling hills deep into Missouri but he isn’t at the moment because in about an hour his distant relatives are going to have a family party at his house. This was the first time they did it at his house and also the first time he’s seen his relatives in seventeen years since he isn’t hard working enough to be able to afford to buy an airplane ticket to visit his distant relatives.

As I was saying earlier, in about an hour Mr. Bert’s relatives were going to be there at his house. As he is busy getting ready for the party he got some disappointing phone calls from some of his relatives. They said that they couldn’t come due to rough weather. He did notice that it was starting to get a bit blustery outside and there were some big cumulonimbus clouds forming in the far distance. As time soon started to grow like vines and it was only a half an hour until the family get-together, he got even more of the phone calls. So far, if my observation is perhaps correct, only three of his relatives will be coming because of the bad weather.

One of his three relatives coming to his family party is his Uncle Tom. His Uncle Tom has short white hair as white as a ghost. He also has a face as round as a fresh orange and he is elderly. The other two relatives coming are Mr. Bert’s younger sister, Lisa, and Lisa’s baby boy Chester. Lisa has platinum blonde hair, is a bit younger than Mr. Bert and has pale skin. Chester, the baby, has the same blonde hair that his mother has. He also has the same pale skin as his mother and is no more than four months old.


As the storm had soon drew even closer, the first out of the three brave relatives that arrived was Uncle Tom. Mr. Bert greeted his uncle and as soon as they stroke up a conversation, they started to hear thunder roar and rain pour.

“I sure hope Lisa and her baby Chester will make it here OK,” said Uncle Tom in a worried tone. “Same with me,” said Mr. Bert in an anxious tone. Before long they heard a knock on the door and with relief saw that Lisa and Chester thankfully made it OK.

Mr. Bert, who was too lazy to offer his family a hot cup of tea or even a snack, plopped down on the soft comfy couch and clicked on the television as if they weren’t even there. As Mr. Bert changed the channels looking for something interesting to watch, his sister in an anxious voice told Mr. Bert to go back a channel that looked important, but Mr. Bert just ignored her. As Lisa kept on trying to convince him to go back to the channel, Mr. Bert continued to flip through the channels. He evidently landed back onto the channel and as soon as he did that he realized why his sister told him to go back to that channel.

It was a weather channel warning about a powerful tornado approaching them that was only about five miles away! At first Mr. Bert couldn’t believe his own television but when he looked out one of his windows next to his television he saw a huge tornado approaching them that was only a few miles away. “What do we do?!” Mr. Bert said in a panicked tone. “First we should warn Uncle Tom. He’s in the kitchen,” Lisa said in a rushed voice.

So they first did that but then Mr. Bert asked his sister what to do now and then she responded by saying to go in the basement but then Mr. Bert told her that he doesn’t have a basement. Mr. Bert remembered that he did however have a cellar that is outside about 75 yards away from his house, so he told Lisa and Uncle Tom that immediately.

Finally as the tornado was less than a mile away and debris was starting to fall from torn up houses from the distance, they made a run for it. When they made it to the cellar, closed the door and went down the stairs, they felt a bit frightened but at the same time very relieved. A few short moments later Lisa suddenly remembered something and then started to scream. “Don’t worry, we’re safe now,” Mr. Bert said. “I know we’re safe but what about…” before he could even finish his sentence Mr. Bert said with surprise, “I know what you’re talking about!” Then he paused for just a second to catch his breath and then said, “You’re trying to say that you forgot to take the baby!”

“I have to go save him; he is just a baby!” Lisa said quickly. But then, without even listening to his sister, he unexpectedly ran as fast as he could out of the cellar to save the baby. As Mr. Bert sprinted towards his miniature house, debris was worse than ever as if a volcano was erupting. The twister was destroying houses like a vacuum cleaner destroying tiny bits of dust. The huge gusts of wind kept on swooshing him back and forth. His legs started to feel numb. Mr. Bert finally made it to his house.

 At first, he couldn’t find Chester but after looking through every room of his house, he finally saw the baby in the port-a-crib in the kitchen shivering in fear, too frightened and startled to even wail. Mr. Bert quickly picked him up and went running out the door faster than a lion catching its prey. He ran faster than even a cheetah. A tree flew right toward him from the tornado that was only about a few hundred meters away. Mr. Bert quickly dodged the tree but then tripped over some debris on the ground and then got stuck. He was only 50 feet from the shelter. He didn’t care if he was going to make it or not but he did care very much for the baby’s safety. So with all of his might he pushed aside the debris harder than he’s ever pushed something in his whole entire life and then, with the baby, sprinted over to the underground shelter for safety.

Chester the baby grew up with a different kind of Mr. Bert. This Mr. Bert was not lazy and did not eat fast food very often. He also was the kind of Mr. Bert who was much braver and stronger than the other Mr. Bert he was before. He would always offer his relatives a hot cup of tea and even a snack. But most of all, Chester grew up thinking of Mr. Bert as his hero ever since the day of the tornado. Not only is Mr. Bert a lot better person and a hero but he also is a lot happier because he moved to a closer house by his relatives including Uncle Tom, Lisa, and Chester, who before you knew it was all grown up.

Submitted: December 22, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Brennan Dwyer. All rights reserved.

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Ally Shark

Nice story. I really liked it, despite my fear of tornadoes. Awesome!

Sat, January 4th, 2014 2:30am


Thank you!

Fri, January 3rd, 2014 6:35pm

Devin Williamson

It was good, I liked it. One suggestion. I understand you were trying to build the suspense of the missing child, but you get your suspense out of sacrificing your characters intelligence. Or at least that's how i felt. The realization on the missing baby should be almost immediate. Try building your suspense earlier on in the story. Maybe do some dramatic irony, where the reader can see that they're going to forget the baby, but can't do anything about it.

Thu, July 17th, 2014 10:39pm


Thank you, I appreciate you suggestion.

Sat, July 19th, 2014 10:13am

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