Time Flys By

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A girl named Emma moves to Ohio. She makes friends very quickly. She has a great first few days there too.

Submitted: February 24, 2013

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Submitted: February 24, 2013




Emma: Dad do we have to move to Ohio. (sighs)

Dad: Yes, sweety I know you don't want to leave your friends but we have too.

Emma: Why can't you just get a new job?

Dad: Because Emma this is  my passion.

(Emma puts the rest of her stuff in the car and gets inside. Then, for eight hours there was complete silence. Then, they pulled into the parking lot of their new house.) 

Dad: We are here, Emma Let's go check it out.

Emma: Ugh I guess because I have too.

(They grab as much as they can in their hands and walk inside. Emma checks her phone and realizes all my friends are eight hours away.)

Emma: I promise to stay in touch with my friends back home

Dad: I know you will sweety.

(The neighors knock on their door. Emma's dad answers the door.)

Clarabelle: Hello I am CLarabelle I came to meet my new neighbors do u have a daughter that is 15.

Dad; Yes I do her name is Emma.

Clarabelle: Can I meet her?

Dad: Of course, come on in.

Clarabelle: Thank you

Dad: Emma come here please (yells to Emma)

Emma: Coming (yells to her dad)

(Emma comes down the stairs)

Dad: This is Clarabelle our new neighbor.

Clarabelle: Hi it is nice to meet you Emma.

Emma: You too.

Clarabelle: Why don't you text me sometime to go to the mall.

Emma: Okay whats your number

(Emma opens a new contact and writes in Clarabelle.)

Clarabelle: My nuber is (203) 326-1739

Emma: I got it text you later.

Clarabelle: Okay bye.

(The door shuts behind Clarabelle)

Emma: At least I know one person in this place I guess.

Dad: See you will do just fine.

(The next day first day of school. Emma gets on the bus and sits next to Clarabelle.They arrive to school five minutes later as Emma gets off the bus she bumps into Josh.)

Emma: I am so sorry.

Josh: It is okay, what is your name by the way?

Emma: My name is Emma.

Josh: Well Emma what do you have first period?

Emma: I have science with Mrs. Darrell.

Josh: Me too do you girls wanna walk with me?

Clarabelle and Emma: Sure

(They walk in to first period josh sits next to Emma and Emma sits next to Clarabelle in the back row.)

Josh: By the way heres my cell phone number

(On a piece of paper josh wrote his name and his number (203) 763- 9576)

Emma: Okay I will text you after school.

Josh: Okay (Then smiles at Emma)

(After school after Emma texts Josh he says I know we just meet in all but do you want to go out with me and Emma texts back yes. Then, the next day at school during luch they choose assigned seats.)

Clarabelle: We have to sit next to each other guys, right?

Emma and Josh: Yes

Clarabelle: Awesome (Excitedly.)

(they sit at their new seats with four other people Kelly, Jake, Drake, and Callie.)

Kelly: Hi I am Kelly (To Emma)

Emma Hi Kelly I am Emma.

Drake: Hi I am Drake (To Emma.)

Jake: Hi I am Jake (To Emma.

Callie: Hi I am Callie (To Emma.)

Emma: Hi

(They exchanged phone number to keep in contact)

Emma: I think I am gonna like it here.

Kelly: Yes, you will

(Emma kisses Josh and smiles at the rest of the table.)



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