Walking the Path

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Submitted: April 19, 2010

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Submitted: April 19, 2010



When at war with Life understanding and accepting one concept that always proves to be true day and night since the beginning of time.

Consulting with others doesn't give you the right answer because the answer you need is Inside your Soul.

When you Follow your inner voice and apply logic, theory, patience and practice to it this will make you unstoppable to everything but the Truth.

Life is pain and pain is life thus by experiencing pain one can grow as with only time tells how a Person is Determined but Experiences Show Progress and Hardships DEFINE Character.

Walking the path and saying your on the path aren't the same thing the path is narrow and long with not always room for another by your side yet at times the path widens and allows for this.

When your walking the path correctly is the time when your most in touch with the Divine & Deity thus people will notice this and attempt to take that away from you but who cares what they think of you or what your doing they are jealous of the path you walk as they see this in dreams alone.

Walk with the Divine
Live with the Divine
Be the Divine

Most people Strive their Entire life to accomplish this the clocks ticking yet the race has the same limitation for everyone are you ready to take on this calling?

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