Virtue's of Life

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This is just something else I wrote, i'm extremely bored at school and i just started typing, it's not really any good, but, meh.

Submitted: March 05, 2010

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Submitted: March 05, 2010



Virtues of Life
In this life, so many things are given to us; most are taken for granted, because over the years the human race has become selfish and greedy. Most people don’t take time to realize the important things in life, like family, friends, school, god, and people just take them for granted. They think since they’ve always been here, they will always be there, but that’s not true, love and relationships, with people, it has to nurtured, with affection and care. Most people rarely take time to be thankful for anything, the only time they care is when it’s gone, then there lying there begging for forgiveness, and that thing is long gone now, to never come back. Then it makes you realize, you have to be thankful for it all the time, and actually put effort into it, instead of just when things get bad.
The biggest part of life, is god, that is if you believe in him, he does everything for you, he gives you the strength and the guidance to succeed in life, but god won’t intervene on you until you ask, he wont just make it better, you have to believe and have faith in him for it to work, people wait till the last second to pray to him, that doesn’t work, you have to pray to him even when things are perfect, you can’t use god.
Many people don’t realize that each day is not set in stone, for all you know is today may be your last, you will never know, that’s the hardest part of life, you know nothing of the future. That’s why you have to live everyday as if it where your last, I work so hard to right my wrongs and get complete forgive fullness, if it work’s, I don’t have the slightest clue. I’ll find out when it’s time. Sometime’s life may get hard, may seem like it’s not worth it, and you may just want to quit out on everything. But it’s not worth it, never give up, if you do, you’re letting others when, all the people that downed you, and said that you couldn’t do it, your proving them right. This life was free, what did you pay for it, do you pay to walk this earth? No? So why throw away this wonderful opportunity?
Another thing, that I don’t understand is, why people waste school, that’s another thing given to you, you pay nothing for it, so yet again, why ruin it? Without school, you can’t truly succeed in life, life itself, school and love are the only free things in this world, so why, why would you toss it to the side. Open your eyes, stop taking things for granted, so how much better your life becomes, when you actually become thankful for everything in life.
-Brent Lee Stilley – March 5, 2010

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