chuck the duck

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

this story is about a little duck who lives in a pond near a little girl named cindys house and the become best friends when one day they come across another duck name laura and cindy has to go off to camp and whn she comes back chuck and laura had baby ducklings

there was a little duck named chuck who lived in the pond near cindys house

cindy would go there everyday so she could play

chuck always watched cindy play just hoping that she wouldnt stray

one day cindy's ball went towards the street and cindy ran fast on her feet

in a dash chuck got up and waddled as quick as he could towards her and

her bouncing ball cindy saw chuck and forgot all about the ball, she stopped and stared at chuck for a while then walked slowly towards him hoping he wouldnt be frightened and waddle away. chuck QUAKED at cindy and she giggled

chuck liked the sound of cindys giggle so he QUAKED again and again and again just to make her smile, cindy and chuck were new play mates. they had fun together at this little brown pond by her house...cindy fed chuck and petted him while chuck just QUAKED and waddled away when cindy couldnt stay, "CINDYYYY!! dinner time" yelled her mom

cindy went in for dinner and wondered what chuck was doing while she was eating.

when cindy was all done she got up as quick as she could to go find chuck

when she opened the door chuck was there infront of her, he just quaked and cindy giggled once again.the two went off on a jouney into the woods together,while exploring they came across another duck her name was laura she was a very pretty duck. chuck liked laura so he quaked at her, laura liked his quack too, so she giggled along with cindy

the three had a fun day playing together but when the day came to an end cindy had to go. chuck desided to bring laura back to his little brown pond near cindys house. cindy had to leave for a couple off weeks, she was going to summer camp chuck and laura would really, miss her, but cindy promised them that she would return very soon and be there to play once again.

weeks passed and cindy finally returned to find not only chuck and laura but there were four little baby ducklings swimming next to them in the little brown pond. there names were sammy,tyler,steve and katie

cindy was so happy, now she had more friends to play with.

she couldnt wait for tomorrow to come, but cindy had to go to bed for now,

"goodnight chuck " said cindy

"QUACK" said chuck

Submitted: July 26, 2010

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