Jesus, Judas, and Mary

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In this fictional account of these three historical giant, a different story is told. Is it the true story? None of us can know this with certainty. I would like to think that it is not only closer to the truth, but also this is the time the truth of the battle of good and evil be revealed to have been nothing more than a road map pointing in the direction of no longer needing these silly separations and demarcations to keep us in line. Take a look and tell me what you think. Thank you!

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Title and Introduction

Submitted: April 01, 2019

Welcome to a strange and controversial (fictional) account of these three historical figures. Take a close look and try not to judge. Rather than judge, open your mind to the possibility that this
hypothesis could have been true and well covered by the other followers of Christ, whose faults are all well-known to any reader of the New Testament. See if their faults might have been the
motivation to sweep Judas and Mary under the Christian carpet.
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