Color Blind

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Take this as literally or figuratively as you want.

Submitted: July 24, 2013

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Submitted: July 24, 2013



I am color blind.

Where you see black,I see white,and red,and blue,yellow,green,orange,

A plethora of colors,a sort of mesmorizing rainbow.

The kind you only see in your dreams,or during a whacky hullicination

Colors you couldn't even imagine were there.

Colors unknown to most,but not all.

Not the color blind.

No,we see these colors and we embrace them.

And we are absolutely drawn to them,it's hypnotic.

You call us crazy,you think we're nuts,

but you don't know.You just wouldn't,couldn't understand.

I am color blind.

The world is a rainbow,my rainbow.

Yours too if you could only see what we could be.All of us coming together.

Seperate colors blended on the easel of The Great Artist.

But your doubtful,scared.

So you roll in black paint and ignore your true colors.

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